Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One quick baby photo

Patty: "What do you mean only one photo of us tonight?
You have been taking pictures all week of us and all we get is one stinkin' cute photo?"

Sorry, Patty but Blogger was not letting me load photos and it took almost 2 hours to finally get this one. I promise to get more loaded this week if Blogger will let me.
The babies are doing very well and are starting to do the jumping thing which is just too funny to watch. I'd show you a photo but no can do right now due to Blogger not liking me, maybe better luck tomorrow:)


Rayna said...

EEEEEEE! So cute! I love babies...I'm just so glad mine aren't lambing yet! *shudder*

Gizmo said...

VERY cute - no matter how many times you show us.
Did you settle on names?? How about Verna (like you suggested), and Monte for the little boy?

Nancy K. said...

oh MY! Just LOOK at those faces...

Tracey said...

Awww so cute...Can't wait to see more of Patty and the babies!!
Bad, Bad Blogger for not letting you upload!!