Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun Stuff to Start a 3 Day Weekend

Sometimes when animals make accusations towards their owners,(see prior post on a "Note from Patty") they should be prepared to get caught in the act of doing something..........I am sure Patty will tell you she was just trying to get more feed because I don't feed her.

About this time of year, the Cotswolds get lost in their fleece. Somewhere in there are Ethan's eyes. I always tell them I am going to put a clip on the top of their head to hold their wool so they can see........seriously, I just love the face:)

I spent "a little" money on myself this week. The weather was just too depressing so I needed a pick me up. I found these very, very, very, comfortable shoes at Dillard's Dept. Store. They remind me of my sheep because they are wool like........$80 original price but I got them half off. I love Birkenstock & Borne shoes so these newbies called "Keen" fit right in on the comfy factor.

And this sweatshirt just cracked me up so for $8.00 at TSC I had to have it. I don't "technically" have a boyfriend, he is the FWB, ex-hubby.......boyfriend I guess is for the "younger" crowd and being in the over 40 group now (only by one year!!) I have to go with the FWB label. But I love pink stuff so what the heck!! Animals don't care as long as they get fed.

So, I have a 3 day much cleaning to do inside the house, so many new gardening magazines to read, all that Amish food to eat, what shall I do???? Oh, I forgot those papers to grade too:(


ae1501 said...

Patty, you go girl!

Cute shoes.

Deb said...

That Patty is a clever one isn't she? :)
Love the curly fleece on the cotswold. He really does need a hairclip :)

Enjoy your long weekend - don't work too hard!

Christy said...

Oh Patty! What a trip you are.

Bridget said...

Patty is pretty funny!

And I love the "eye-less" photo, what a sweetheart ...

Claire said...

I love the picture of Patty! I bought the exact same sweatshirt at TSC. I've had some funny comments on it from people when I've worn it out shopping or something. It's a great one!

Heather said...

I love goats. So resourceful :o) (When I'm in a good mood. When I"m in a bad mood, well, goats are not the animal to be in my way!)
What does FWB mean?