Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Update

So, when the snow finally stopped late yesterday I figure I ended up with around 9-10 inches of snow. At least this snow was a lighter, powder snow as opposed to the wet, heavy stuff. FWB stopped by yesterday to drive up and down the driveway to pack some of the snow down with his truck and helped me shovel up around the house. This morning my new neighbor got out his farm tractor and put a blade on it and did his driveway and mine....both are the same length.
The driveway now that its all cleaned up!!!! Yippee!!! Boy, did I get lucky getting a neighbor with a farm tractor & blade!! I took over a huge plate of those chocolate chip cookies, some homemade chocolate suckers, and some yummy peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches dipped in milk chocolate.......hey, a single farm woman has to do what she has to do!! LOL

I decided to shovel a path down the fence line to the manure pile because I refuse to let the manure pile up.......okay it was a small task but so much easier to take the wheelbarrow down and Dixie can walk down the paths!!

Notice Harry, my wethered Shetland with the gray fleece coat on. He totally lost his wool the last month. I do not know if it is from stress, diet???? I am thinking of doing a skin scrape to see if there is something going on. Anyways, with it getting so cold, I did not want him to get sick so I took an old fleece coat, cut off the arms, and slipped it on. The neck is small enough so he can't get it back off. He seems much better with it.

ReRun ventured off the path only to discover that yes, the snow is deep!

Snow and sheep seem to go hand in hand......notice Spirit's mini look alike in the background? I have to smile when I see them because they look exactly alike!

One has to wonder what first year little lambs like Autumn think about this white stuff??
Well, snow has consumed my weekend and since the driveway is all cleaned up, I have to go to school tomorrow.......I wonder if we will get a snow day this week......maybe a cold day because its suppose to be really, really cold by Friday...........if I wear my PJ's inside out its suppose to bring a snow day......I can always give it a shot:)


Christy said...

Hope you get your snow day. Sheep and snow do seem to go hand in hand. That is something I'll never see here.

Claire said...

Great photos! We had about 6 inches here and it was powdery too. The chickens were scared to get out of the coop this morning (the ones who have to jump about 12 inches down out of the coop to get to the ground). I think they were freaked out by the whiteness and lack of visible ground.

I love the new header photo! And the cute sheep coat!

Kara said...

Tractor with a blade is how we handle our driveway too. Okay most of the time, but when it is really cold and windy not so much. Great pictures! Now I want to go bake cookies, thanks a lot, I am supposed to be losing 20 pounds...maybe 10 would be good enough.

Tracey said...

What a great neighbor and ex you have....must have something to do with how nice you are!
:) Tracey

kristi said...

Never say never, globe warming could have negative effects down your way...but Nigerians do prefer the sunny days:)

the chickens are such a treat, I had to shovel the snow drift in their pen so they would come out:)

One day I too will own a tractor like that...I refuse the dieting thing...getting too old for that stuff, I love my chocolate chips and Coke LOL

LOL...just gotta keep the options open to who will help me out on the single woman's farm. Dixie & his dog are like BF now and Dixie goes over to his house and sits by the sliding door so he will let his dog out to play....did I mention he has 2 snow moblies too?? silly me!!