Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday's Hang Outs

Today was my day to hang out......actually I am avoiding grading papers. But I have a very good reason because my priority was to "hang" my new ladder that my super Dad made for me. I had to do a lot of whining, complaining because he built one for my mom and not me, and then I had to point out the fact that I was his first born & the first one in the family to go to college & get a BA & MA and that I work so know the guilt trip stuff.

But it worked and I have new ladder to decorate in my living room!!! If you bigify the picture you can see all the sheepy stuff I have hanging on dust because its new!! I love these decorative ladders.......I think they add character to a house!!!

Even the farm animals were content to hang out today.......this is a nice family picture of the
J-Crew (with a LaMancha head peeking in:)

T.J. my super friendly Black Cotswold ram was content to hang out in the sun & snow!
Bigify the pic to check out the curls on that fleece!!

Chickens were hanging out catching a few rays of sun in the coop!

And of course Dixie was hanging out in the fresh dump of manure because that's what dogs love to do and then they try to kiss their owners!!

My next guilt trip will be to see if Mom will make me a new heart for the garden fence I went to put up this summer........I like the weathered look!!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You sure have a nice setup for the chickens and sheep, and everything looks so clean. Our place always looks so tacky.

I think that ladder is darling with all the cute stuff on it.

Christy said...

The ladder is really nice! I never thought of having one of those. Love the peak at the inside of your coop, it is so pretty from the outside.

Sharrie said...

Dixie is my favorite. More pictures of her, please!

Princess S said...

Hanging out is always the mark of a good day!!!!

Deb said...

Your Dad is a very talented man :) Love the new ladder and all your "sheepie" decorations.

So nice to have a "hang out" day, humans and critters alike. Everyone looks so content at your place :)

Claire said...

Love the new ladder - looks great! But what I really, really envy is the stone around your fireplace. Wow, that's delightful! I just have boring bricks.

kristi said...

My chicken coop is my pride and joy! Spent a lot of money to have a cute coop! Your place is your home & as long as you love it, who cares what anyone else thinks...thats my opinion & I love that little playhouse building you have for your guys:)

Thanks for the compliments! If you decide to build a coop, I would be glad to take pics of mine if you need ideas. The girls love the roosting rods!!

Dixie loves herself so she is glad to have a fan club out in blog world:) Thanks for stopping by!

Princess S,
Thank you for stopping by....I checked out who you are and glad to see your a fan of "Pretty in Pink"!! I am a "Breakfast Club" fan too!!

My dad makes some really nice stuff...I am working on a bench for the front porch next:)
I love being home....I wish I had a job to be self-sufficient from home:)

Funny story on the stone fireplace. My ex-boyfriend from high school installed the whole fireplace for my husband (now Friend w/benefits) as a "discounted" wedding gift. It cost us $200:)