Saturday, January 3, 2009

Me & Miss Gracie

Today my mom and dad brought my niece and nephew over to enjoy some outside time with the animals. My dad, Gracie, and I went for a walk and Bobby played with the ram lambs.

Gracie's role was to make the biggest snowball she could on our walk.........
she did a pretty good job!!
She also loves Speedy, "her" miniature horse and likes to give Speedy kisses.

Gracie and I also made snow angels in the snow. Now just for your information I look bigger than her because she is only 2 weeks shy of bigging four years old!!!

See, I told you my sexy pink coveralls makes me look like an Umpa Lumpa.LOL. Notice my cat Moo thinking there is something seriously wrong with Gracie and I!! I think my little niece is going to turn into a farmgirl yet:)
Well, tomorrow is my last day of winterbreak and back to school on Monday.......unless there is a snow day by some small miracle:)


Christy said...

I love the pink coveralls! Looks like a fun day. I wish your break was longer...

Claire said...

I am quite sure you posted this just to make me all the more envious of your pink coveralls. I declare, I shall have to start a small side business manufacturing "fun" color coveralls for ladies. Pink, turquoise, lavender, butter, teal, and baby blue. Those are going to be my initial color choices. And they will fit galumphing and gangly 5'10" giants such as myself.

I'm going to go sulk in the corner now.

kristi said...

Okay, this is the deal, we need to come up with a coverall business together because at 4'10 & you
at 5'10, I am sure we can come up w/a good marketing idea...after all, women farmers are the up and coming thing and color coveralls would be a hit! Let's see..."Chicks w/Covers"??? Okay, so I need to work on the title...Please don't sulk:)

Kara said...

I think Speedy looks a lot like my Shetland pony Whinny. Love the pink coveralls!

Tracey said...

Love the picture of Gracie kissing HER miniature horse :)
You are so love them pink overalls huh?

Deb said...

You two were having way too much fun :) Gracie is a cutie.

Love those coveralls!