Friday, January 16, 2009

I know.....its really cold outside!!!!

The beautiful blue sky today sure was deceiving because afternoon temps did not even reach -4 and the wind chill was keeping it right around -14. The animals kept trying to find some warm spot in the sun rays but it wasn't happening. Morning and evening feeding chores seem to take twice as long when it is this cold.

The chicken coop has this nice frozen overhang going on. Its frozen to the chicken wire. I got to frozen eggs today but was able to get 2 more before they froze. Dixie found the frozen ones to work well as hockey pucks.

Yesterday the UPS man delivered my Pfaltzgraff ware I ordered. The pattern is "Remembrance". I started it when I got married but continued to buy pieces even after I got divorced. The pieces I ordered were from their "By Request" catalog. I got all these pieces for $23 including the shipping. Anyways, the package was on my front porch and when I opened it, it was like opening up the freezer. I let it get to room temp before unpacking it because I didn't want the stoneware to break.

I love the little measuring cups and the pie plate w/the bird......the watering can will give me hope that spring will arrive soon I hope:)


Deborah said...

What a coincidence -- I have the Heirloom Pfaltzgraf! I think it's very similar to Remembrance. I used to get things from the By Request catalog but haven't in a few years.

Joanna said...

you've got more snow than we do, any exposed skin outside just burns

kristi said...

I don't want to date us but Heirloom is having its 25th anniversay sale LOL. Heirloom is very much like Remembrance. They have some good prices on their collection! Thanks for stopping by:)

my only issue is my checks and chin, everything else is fine...good boots makes such a difference!