Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Have Declared an Official Snow Ban!

As of today, January 28th, 2009, I am official done with winter.
No if's, and's, or but's about it.......I am done.
I know there is still February and March to go so there may be some days in which I "complain" but after close to 600 (and probably more) schools called off today due to the Pan Handle Hook dumping a foot of snow, most of which was hitting at rush hour, and the large public school district that I work for in the city of Cleveland did not have the common sense, again, to call the day off, I refused to go in to school knowing darn well that it would be at least a one and 45 minute drive. Our district was "so smart" that we made CNN news who wanted to know what kind of "safe" district it was. They did have a brain fart and decided to close schools early.......the kicker is that it was on the noon news and I called my school and spoke to one of my colleagues and he thought I was joking because the district had not notified them yet.
See, I am already complaining.

The mounds of snow around the barns appear to be getting taller....notice the silly goats venturing out on the paths:)

I find it strange that the snow drift this morning outside of my front door reaches the bottom of the flag......perhaps a tad too much snow?

The girls ventured out in the snow this afternoon too.

Seriously, if I did not shovel paths for the goats, they would never leave the barn.....goofs!!

I had to shovel all the snow in the ram lambs and bucks barn because the drifts were so high, silly LaMancha buck in the doorway is a pansy and doesn't want to come out in the snow:)

And of course, Miss Dixie is just loving the snow regardless:)
I, however, am an official "Snow Ban" as of today!!!


Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
I am telling you girl, whoever is in charge of closing your school has a frozen brain!!
Dixie looks half buried in the snow..silly dog!
Try to stay warm :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I enjoy seeing the goats in the snow, mine won't hardly come out when it's drizzling rain much less snow on the ground.

Kara said...

Great photos. Your mini's are very cute. Yup I am about done with winter too. Hey did you ever breed any of your sheep? I don't remember your breeding group. I have a goat question too: can a ND breed a full size dairy goat?

Tammy said...

I sure don't blame you for officially banning the snow! If only it would work.... We didn't get nearly as much as you, but did get some initial ice/sleet which made it pretty treacherous. I'll see if I can contact you and give you my addy for the Sweet Annie! I sure would love to have some this year. Take care, and obviously you have to be smarter than your school and know when to stay home! Sheesh.

Christy said...

I can't believe they didn't close school again! I'm glad you stayed home. I hope the snow lets up for you guys.

Susan said...

I wondered what you ended up doing when I saw your district didn't have any cancellations. Dummy me, didn't realize my county was on a "no driving" alert and went in to work (differant county). Not a long drive but, treacherous just the same. Lots of shoveling, I did video of the Cardis going thru the snow, quite funny. I think we got a foot here. My new photo tag shows Reej, Promise and Ivy racing in a Cardigan Choo Choo train. Onyx is lucky he has Mo's path to travel so doesn't have to workas hard.

kristi said...

yes, the powers at be sometimes just need a little common sense:) Dixie loves the snow but it is getting somewhat high for her little legs!

goats are truly pathetic when it comes to snow and rain..gotta love their sense of humor though:)

I did put Jed. in with a few girls so I am hoping he settled a few...I am pretty sure he did with the ewe that had the scurred gulmoget, smirslet ram. If he did, I won't have babies until the first of May, maybe end of April. As for the ND breeding a full size dairy goat, yep. The girls, if wanting, can be creative. My little ND buck tried in vain to get the LaManchas, though he was just a true youngin' so the girls just gave him good head butt. I think in a ragging heat cycle, the does will "accomodate" the boy LOL...are you anticipating a surprise?:)

I promise to save you the seeds:) This weather is just too much this year and so is my propane bill...yuck! I am glad your Boone dog finds humor in the snow:)

Seriously, you should get some of this down your way...I loved your llama trip by the way:)

Love the new picture!! Dixie is such a snow dog....and a social butterfly!! She is in love with the new guy next door and his dog. He let her in the other day to play with his dog....good grief:)

Kara said...


No surprises, just thinking about my options to keep the dairy does milking. Glory was supposedly bred and due in December so I am thinking she didn't take, I have to go count the days since we brought her home. We are going to dry up Whistle soon and we have to figure out what we are going to do about breeding them. I guess I should have figured that out already, but I kept waiting for Glory to show signs, getting bigger or bagging up, but nothing. TGIF and January is over, let's hope that Groundhog gives us good news. Have a good weekend.

Kara said...

You have given me two awards that do not appear on my sidebar. I can't figure out what I am going wrong. I tried to save the images and then add it but it won't let me. Any helpful hints?

kristi said...

I just copy and paste the awards into my pictures and then upload from my pictures on to blogger...not sure if it is the correct way but it works for me. Hope that helps:)