Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Someone Going to Close School??

1.) 4:30 am.......the large urban school district that I teach in (hint: in the city of Cleveland) had not closed school....its early though.
2.) 5:30 am showered, cats & dogs fed; ready for barn chores.......still no closed school
3.) 6:00 am came in to get hot buckets of water for goats & sheep......still no closed school
4.) 6:30 am obviously I have to get ready for school.
5.) 7:00 am mini-van is warm and ready to go.......still no closed temp. in van is telling me its -14
6.) 7:05 stop at the gas station to get Coke because I ran out at home.....ladies at the station want to know why I am there.....still no closed school but van temp. now says -10....what progress
7.) 7:10 starting my drive into is informing me of all the accidents due to black ice......still no closed school
8.) 7:30 am call my friend Shari who is an assistant principal in the same, she has a worse potty mouth than me........still no closed school and radio is saying over 200 schools have closed
9.) 7:50 am big traffic jam so I listen to the radio tell me about all the closed school except mine
10.) 8:10 am I was suppose to be at school 20 minutes ago......traffic is not good
11.) 8:20 am my bladder kicks into high gear after having drank a 16 oz. Coke
12.) 8:35 am I arrive at school, lets see that was an hour and half drive, at least I do not have a first period class......gotta get to the bathroom ASAP.....not easy to do when the parking lot is a sheet of ice and snow and I have my laptop bag strapped on
13.) school is looking pretty empty........well there are 26 of the 75 8th grade students there
14.) off to the computer lab we were really good, they typed their business letters, worked on their friendly letters.
15.) find out that of the 630 some students in the building....about 200 should up. Gee, could it be because 96% of all the students walk to school and a large number of inner city people do not own or believe in shoveling their sidewalks????? Not too mention many of the side streets are poorly plowed because some people just leave their flippin cars parked in the street and did I mention that the temps were hovering at zero with windchills below zero?
16.) 2:30 school is over, kids that came were really good and the boys are happy cuz I took them to the gym to play b-ball at the end of the day.
17.) 2:35 pack up all of my stuff and I am off
18.) 2:45 stop at the store to pick up "stuff" I need....spend $55
19.) 3:40 arrive at TSC down by my neck of the woods....picked up cracked corn, new flannel shirt $7.00, misc. stuff.......spend $25
20.) 4:30 arrive at home to start evening chores.......its 8 degrees. I am happy that everyone is well and okay. I tell the chickens I appreciate the 2 eggs even though they are frozen solid and they appreciate me giving them fresh warm water.
21.) 5:30 evening news starts and so do tomorrow's school closings......I don't bother to watch
22.) 7:oo pm dinner is done, watch Young & the Restless on Soap Net.
23.) 8:00 pm recheck everyone in the barn and decide it is really flippin' cold out so I decide to bring in Jingles and Jangles my outside cats. Since some of my indoor cats have issues with them I can put them in one of the crates in the basement but at least I know they will be warm tonight.

24.) 10:00 pm late night news.......LOTS of schools closings......but not mine but heck the temps are only projected to be -8 with windchills from -15 to -25.
25.) 10:35 pm someone in the school district in which I work has a break through in common sense and closes school for tomorrow.

26.) Dixie wants to know if we can build a snowman tomorrow like the one I bought for her at the pet store.........well since my school is closed tomorrow I think we can but we'll wait for the temps to go up above zero:)


ae1501 said...

Thank God he finally had a brilliant thought! See you Tuesday.

Deb said...

Enjoy your day off and stay warm :) No school closing here today - guess the weather isn't severe's -22 and the weatherman said it will get colder before it warm up to the high of zero today, duh.....

Joanna said...

what a day! enjoy your day off. I'm at the office this Friday morning, but I came kicking and screaming. at 8:45AM, we're at -2. the University [Appalachian State]rarely closes and we don't have much snow around.

Christy said...

Which is funny because here in GA many of the schools were annouced last night that they will be closed today. And we have no snow or ice, it is just cold. I wonder if some of the schools don't have heat?

Your day at school reminds me of a day when I taught in Texas. A tropical storm was happening and our school didn't close. I went in, took almost 2 hours to get there through wind and driving rain. Only about 1/4 of the students showed up. It was a fun day. The school district later apologized.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Man, that had to be frustrating. Glad the kids were good, though. I can tell "clean living" was not on your list of New Year's resolutions, what with the Coke for breakfast and soaps for a late night snack! hee

Susan said...

Glad you made it to work safely despite the stupidity of your school super. I understand the black ice that morning was horrendous on the highways. A fatality occured near us. By the way I still had to work, but it's just down the road a piece. Have you ever thought of heated water buckets? I have them at the barn and after talking to the neighbor tonight about her breaking ice from buckets I'm glad I do. So are Mo and Onyx.

kristi said...

I wish someone would pay me $300,000 plus perks to make those kind of decisions:)

I always wonder what colder states do for snowdays. I think those that make the decisions to close should walk to school like the kids have to, then make the decision:)

I remember my college days and nope, they never closed!

well GA is suppose to get some of this cold air...are you gonna use the fireplace? LOL

Nope, gotta have that Coke w/chocolate chip cookies as an energy booster on these cold days:)

Yesterday and that black ice on I-480 was awful, 71 too. I need to get the heating buckets, usually it doesn't bother me but yesterday and today and tomorrow are posing another viewpoint! LOL Dixie is just loving this weather....silly girl:)

Tracey said...

I am glad someone finally came to their senses and closed the school....maybe their brain was frozen is why it took so long!
Hope you and Dixie show us your snowman!