Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cheap Sheep

Black Vanilla Raspberry is my favorite fragrance from Bath & Body. However, it is never in the stores. My thoughful & wonderful sister Jen bought it for me for Xmas but she got it on-line. Problem was she never bought on-line and got me 5 for $25......all lotions in Black Vanilla Raspberry. She kept one for herself and I got 4. While I do love the fragrance, I don't need 4 lotions. I decided to keep 2 and exchange the other 2. So today I decided to go into town to get a few things done & go to the bank and stop at Bath & Body. Problem was I left the stupid bag on the kitchen table!! However, lucky me they had body cream on sale for $3.00 (got Sweet Pea) and got Vanilla Shower Gel for $3.00. They are having the Semi-Annual Sale.
And then, sitting stuffed in a 75% off bin all by their fluffy selves were these little seriously, how could I NOT BUY THEM?? Originally $8.00 and I got them for $2.00 a piece!

Don't they just make you smile???? See, I have no problem rationalizing a totally not needed item in my house of having way too much "Stuff".

On the other hand of my more "realistic" farming life style, the girls seemed to be enjoying the warm winter weather today. I guess chickens like taking "baths" in pine shaving because they sure were kicking up a dust storm and rolling around in the shaving today.

So, other than this silly stuff, life is moving along at Harvest Thyme. I am thinking about being productive next week.........I wonder how that will go.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Xmas Mission

I slept in 'till 7:00 am and I didn't care. I did morning barn chores. I exchanged yummy treats with my neighbor & chatted for a bit. I washed my new clothes. Put gifts away. Washed dishes. Put Martha Stewart patio furniture in the basement for the winter. Cleaned the fish tank. Had lunch & watched "Young & the Restless". Went to the feed store to get grain for everyone (6- 50 # bags). Then headed to Mom & Dad's because we had to go to a funeral. But before I went there, I was bad. It was impulsive, it was a rush, embedded in my blood from way to many years working in retail. The traffic off the highway to the mall was gosh ridiculous. Crazy people all trying to get to the damn mall. But I grew up at that mall. I lived 8 minutes from the mall in the suburban neighborhood. I know all the shortcuts to get to the I took them.
I spied the car pulling out of the parking spot really close to the entrance and my Town & Country mini-van blew by everyone else. Well, at least I didn't hit anyone and no one got the finger. I was on a mission. Get to Christopher & Banks and get my new calendar because I knew the calendar place had them 50% off. I had 35 minutes to do this & get to M & D's house.

This is a product of my mission. My new Lang Cow Calendar for 2009. It fits perfectly in my Amish calendar holder!!! Price was $7.50 and I am happy now. And I got to Mom & Dad's on time. Better yet, on the way home I got gas for $1.47.......filled up my van for $20. Tomorrow its suppose to be 65 degrees.......guess I will post pics of mud and my neighbors pond overflowing. Maybe I should build the sheep and goats a boat.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve at Mom & Dad's

Wishing all of You a Very Merry Christmas!!
May Your Day Be Filled with Happiness & Talk of Christmas of Memories!

This is my niece Miss Gracie Lynn looking very cute and happy on Christmas Eve!
(This pic was taken prior to her using almost a whole roll of TP when she went to the potty causing Grandpa's toilet to almost overflow; thank goodness Gracie's Daddy is a plumber:)
Lots of presents to open for everyone one Christmas Eve at my Mom & Dad's!!!
I counted my presents & sister's present to make sure we got the same amount. She opened her stocking last night and had 10 gifts in hers.......I will open mine today. I will keep you posted on how many I got:) Jen & I are very particular on making sure we receive equal amounts LOL. Though she and her husband Bob got a new palm video camera and I got a new oscalating electric heater w/remote & timer............hum.......put it sure is nice!!!
Well, Dixie and I are off to Mom & Dad's for dinner. I made a cheesecake and cauliflower pie and Mom is making ham and her awesome scalloped potatoes!!
Hope you all have a yummy dinner too!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Animal Neglect

Today is day 2 of my Christmas vacation and some very obvious animal neglect came to my attention. Upon morning chores beginning completed I came into the house to make my mini-cheesecakes. Not sure how long I was in the house but once the dogs started barking like crazy I had knew something was outside.
This is what I found when I opened the front door...........

I guess I forgot to put Mooshie back in the barn when I was done with chores and she obviously felt neglected. What a smart girl to come to the front porch, get on top of the cat house, and look inside the window to see what I was doing. She definitely has her own personality:)

Then Moo obviously feels neglected because he is pushing the heat deflectors off the floor vents and laying on top of the heat vents. I am sure he is telling me it is cold in the house and when he finds heat, he is not willing to share it. I did point out that propane is very expensive, I am using the fireplace, and I have a nice electric heater that I run (I heard Santa Dad bought me a new, fancy electric heater for Xmas:) I keep the thermostat at 63, 62 at night so its not like its Antarctica in the house. I am sure more "animal issues" will surface during the week but till then I must finish cookies and wrapping presents!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Do You Believe in the Magic of the Season?

Today was a wonderful day to appreciate the comforts of home. It was freezing cold last night and this morning but it was okay because I had nowhere to go. I bundled up this morning to do chores ( i love those pink coveralls), carried out warm water for everyone, put fresh pine shavings in the chicken coop, gathered firewood and had a fire going by 10:00 am. Cookie production started, laundry was going, snacking here & there, peeking outside to check on animals, (though everyone was staying in the barns), watched my soap opera, made chocolate candy, and then did evening chores....fresh straw for everyone at night as it will be cold, cold again tonight.

A couple of years ago my parents bought this picture for me and it always warms my heart as it is a wonderful reflection of my life in the was a day for reflection of that life.

And as the holiday season comes upon on us, so does the magic of the the sheep believe in the make of the season? Do they understand what joy they bring to those that believe in them?

Josiah told me today that he believes in the the magic of the season.........
Do You Believe in the Magic of the Season?