Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Can't Decide What I Want to Do

I am not sure what I want to post because I am in one of those, "I don't know what I want to do" moods. I would like to do nothing, but I can't. I wish this was already Friday because this week at school is going to be a killer. I just can't be overly excited about the holidays because I don't have the money like I usually do to spend. I have not bred any sheep because I am not sure if I want to yet. I want to but I just am nervous about it. I guess I am doing a lot of reflecting and thinking the last few day. Today at least was very sunny for the majority of the day so that helped a little.
Alvin was in a playful mood outside and was being silly Alvin when I took this picture of him today. He is my only "indoor" cat that still loves to be outside in the winter.

Little Jammer had to get a change of scenery today. Jammer is just now hitting the over 5 months of age and was "flirting" with 2 of ewes in the big barn. Abigail promptly gave him a few good head butts but he has claimed her as his girl. I hated to burst his little bubble but I moved him just in case. Now of course, Jammer's mom screamed her little head of as if I had ripped her new born lamb right away from her. Hopefully, she won't annoy everyone with her mouth for too long:) So tomorrow is Sunday and I promise to be more productive......I will only watch one movie on the Hallmark channel instead of 2 like I did today.......but I did watch Jack Frost which is one of my favorites:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Picture with Santa Claus!!

For those of you who tune in to life at Harvest Thyme, you may have read that last week was a pathetic week for me. So, on Saturday I decide that I needed to do something fun! I packed up Lil' Pumpkin and Dixie and we were off to see Santa Claus.....if anyone can make me smile, I knew Santa could do the job!! Now of course, Dixie is an avid passenger in the mini-van but Lil' Pumpkin was a tad skeptical as she has never left the barn, though she does look content in her little crate:)
So,we were off to see Santa Claus at Town-n-Country, the feed store were I stock up on all that expensive feed for the sheep, goats, horses, chickens, and birds. I usually take the beagles with me to get pics with Santa but since the friend with benefits was busy I could not manage all four animals by myself. The beagles tend to be very "dramatic" about car rides and being around other people and animals.....they are much better as homebodies so they stayed home this year. Dixie, on the other hand, is a big ham and just loves attention. Lil' Pumpkin I carried in like a little baby and she was completely content letting me hold her. Now, of course I had to be the only one who brought in a real farm animal at a livetock feed store so Lil' Pumpkin was a big hit!
I think Santa even liked her even though he is use to his reindeer:)
Isn't this a wonderful portrait of my kids? Nobody cried, carried on, screamed, or had a fit like some of those 2 legged kids do! Dixie even got a goodie bag with presents from Purina. It contained a new brush, frisbee, measuring cup, a fun mat for her food bowls, a food scoop, a foldable food bowl, a tennis ball toy, a magnet for Mom's refrig., a new bandana, and a thermo mug for mom!! A very nice gift!! They didn't have any gift bags for lambs however:) Maybe next year! Of course, because I was having a good day, something had to go wrong. I forgot my camera so I had to wait till they posted the pics on their website. So why didn't I scan the photo they gave me you ask? Well see I have a new $450 printer, scanner etc in a box in my back bedroom/study that I got last year from my Teaching History grant but have yet to figure out the whole thing. Other than all the rain we got yesterday and today, so far this week is much better!!! However, it is only Wednesday:)
But I needed something to make me smile and this picture did the job!!
It even warms my heart!!
I hope it brings a holiday smile to you also!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is to a Better Week!!

It is the start of a new week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a much better week than last week. Let me recap the events of last week because I truly believe it was one the more stressful weeks in my mere 41 years of existence. birthday spent with my family. A very nice day!

Monday........start of school. A long 3 weeks till the beginning of Christmas break on the 19th

Tuesday........4:00 am I realize the furnace is out; take the day off of school to fix it as it is the
coldest day of the year thus far.

Wednesday......Yankee & Samuel have a very bad fight

Thursday..........Yankee is not doing well; when I come in from morning chores I notice that my
cat Maddie is sitting on the bed with something white hanging off his cheek. After closer examination I notice that he has an abcess that has busted open. This is interesting because he is an indoor cat so where the heck this came from is a mystery. Regardless, at 6:45 am in the morning I am cleaning this abcess up, he is not happy with me, and to annoy him more, I give him an antibiotic shot before I am done. Obviously, I was late to work though at least I do not have a first period class. That evening I made the choice to put Yankee to sleep as his leg was is

Friday..........I decide that I needed gas before driving all the into school. At our town circle
gas was $1.65 but I know that gas is $1.54 14 minutes up the road so I decide to get it there. But when I get there,I can't find my Visa/debit card....where would it be? Oh, in my barn coat that I wore on Tuesday when I went to get the furnace part. But that's okay, I'll just use my "emergency" credit card. However, after 2 attempts at the pump to insert my credit card in which the screen has "Transaction rejected" I realize that my so called emergency card expired in July!!!! How excellent!! And since I have NO CASH on me because I use that stupid Visa/debit card for everything, I was able to scavenge four dollars in change in my purse and various parts of my mini-van so I could get to work; at least gas is cheap and I got almost a quarter tank! I was late for work again.

Saturday.......I decided to go to the bank and then go to one of those hand wash power wash
car places right in town because my van was a muddy mess. Did you know that when you wash you car when it is 26 degrees outside the concrete is really slippery and you can fall? Yep, I only baled once though.....I am sure Dixie was laughing at me as she was sitting in the front seat watching me. But she was happy cuz she got a biscuit at the bank. I did get some Christmas decorating done. This is the top of coat/shoe rack right by my front door. I bought the angel on
Friday at my favorite store for $4.99......with the week I was having I thought it was a good idea to have an angel in the house:)

There are 2 weeks till Christmas break.......I am counting down the days !!!!!!!