Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Saturday in November

This is day 6 of this ridiculous cold. I had a sore throat for day one, no voice for 3 days, coughing & sneezing on the next 2 days and today I have the watery eyes and my nose so stuffed up I can't stand it!!!!!! I did manage to go to a history seminar on Lincoln at Ashland University, bought the Pulitzer Prize book from the professor who gave the lecture which is titled "What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America 1815-1848". It is only 855 pages long......a good read for those winter months to come:) Then I filled my mini-van up and got gas at $1.86 per gallon, came home so I could inhale a bottle of nose spray so I could breath, and did barn chores while the dogs chased rabbits and other imaginary things in the field.

This willow tree is one of the last remaining trees in my yard to change color. Willows are great shade trees and beautiful to look at but they are so messy. I wish the sun had been out because this tree truly looks like gold in the sun; however, actually I think I like the way this photo came out.

There is just something about a lamb bum that I can't I got 6 bums in a row.......which bum are you partial to?

How do you spell f-a-t? I was explaining to Yankee that I was concerned that he might not be able to be with 2 of the girls due to his "weight gain". As you can see in the picture I just got "the look" from him so I took his picture and moved on.

I know why I am sick. It is because I jinked myself by having a "pre-planned" special privilege day for this coming Friday because I am going to Amish Country to shop. A single, white, hard-working female with too many animals can never catch a break.
Did I tell you about my plans to raise Heritage Turkeys and buy a miniature Jersey cow?

Friday, November 7, 2008

TGIF......and an Award!!!

Thank you Deb for thinking of me today!!
I always say that its the little things in life that count the most!

The Uber Award is for ..........
one that inspires you
one that makes you smile and laugh
and maybe gives you amazing info or has a blog that is a great read
and might even have an amazing, awesome blog!!!
Please snatch it and give it to someone and make their day!!!!
I would like to pass it on to these special people..........
Kara this is for you because you inspire me to craft & spin my wool!
Tracey this is for you because you always make me smile & laugh & because I love your music!
Tammy this is for you because you always provide me with info. & your a great writer!
Michelle this is for you as you are a wealth of info. & take great pictures!
And Melaine.....??????? I miss hearing from you

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Conversation with my Cat

I am known by some of my friends, family & my former employers at the vet as the crazy cat girl because yes, I do have 13 cats; which in all honesty is an unlucky number and I should change it to 14 but I do not want to really freak people out.
Anyways, since I live by myself I often have conversations with my animals, which sometimes confuses individuals when I am doing that and talking to them on the phone.
I would like to introduce you to Linus. Linus is hands down, my favorite cat. Linus came home with me from the APL when he was about 7 weeks old. Linus turned 14 yrs old this year. He has known all of my animals, all of my heartaches, my tears, my happiness, and anything else. He is my true cat buddy. Linus is AKA "Linney the Whiney" because he whines a lot when he talks to me. Here is a typical conversation we had just yesterday.

"Hi Linus, is there anything I can do for you?" I inquire.
"I want you to pick me up," Linus says.
"Well, I can't right now because I am holding the camera and trying to take a picture of you,"
I reply.
"That's okay, I'll just climb up your shirt," Linus says as he proceeds to climb up my shirt.

"Excuse me Linus but your nails are digging into my skin. Can you wait a minute until I put the camera down?" I plead.
"Meow!!!!! which in cat language means NO!"

Can you see how he got the name, "Whiney"?
I know I have "issues" but hey doesn't everyone? At least my animal issue keep me sane....I may be broke........but at least I am sane and keep the pet stores in business.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day at Home with the Animals

Today I was fortunate to have the day off as our school is a voting school
side note: ( well to be honest I was "suppose to be at a professional development class but I honestly came down with laryngitis yesterday due to this pathetic cold I started to get so I dipped into my sick days of which I have more than 100 but a little less than 200 and I stayed home)
BUT I really was grading papers and I took advantage of the beautiful day to sit on my back porch and enjoy the view and animals.

It was also a nice day for the animals to hang out outside and play.

For example Dixie was very busy with her new meat bone and was trying to decide where she should hide it.......usually she decides on the manure pile.

My Nigerian Dwarf wether Briggs was trying to decide on a place to relax............

.............this appears to be his place of choice!

Flat Rocks Lil' Texas, my Nigerian Dwarf Buck, took advantage of being let out to check out the girls and show off how sexy he thinks he is.

I believe his conversation with Abigail, my kat. Shetland ewe was, "Excuse me, but you are just not my type." And if animals talk, I believe Abby told him to take his little Texas butt right back where he came from.

Johnny Reb brought up the gelding conversation again and I just told him the time is very, very close so enjoy your silly self now......actually he is pretty good for being a yearling and for me being a green horn on horses.

I so enjoy being home and hanging out with the animals.
Cherish yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Raining Leaves

Yesterday this maple tree was a beautiful yellow color. Today around 5:00 this evening a light steady rain fell over the farm lasting about a half an hour. It was just enough to blow many of the leaves off the tree and provide a feast for the sheep and goats. It was too funny watching them try to eat as many leaves as they could as the leaves fell to the ground or got hung up on the fence.
Lil' Pumpkin was completely content doing her own thing, oblivious to the leaves that clung to her wet little fleece.
I guess its those little things that seem so simple but warm the heart for those of us that love our sheep and take the time to notice them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Beautiful Start to November!

I can't remember having such a beautiful start to the month of November!! I know it will not last but for today and the next few days the weather is just going to be delightful:) It was nice this morning to get an extra hour so I spent the morning taking down Halloween decorations and taking some pictures around the yard.

Above is my new porch decoration for the month of November!
A morning shot of everyone eating.

The first rays of sun on the barn and the goats getting ready for their morning sun bath!

These maple trees are just starting to really show their colors!

This is Sweet Pea, my 8 mo. old LaMancha doe that was born here in March. She is getting good at her balancing routine and likes to take a sampling of maple leaves when I let her out.

As you can tell, Sweet Pea eats well! She is really turning out to be a nice doe.........
who occassionally like to get her picture taken. I hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful weather this first week of November cuz you know what is coming next!!!!