Friday, October 17, 2008

Get Your Barn Pink On!!!!

It was just suppose to be a routine stop at TSC. Pick up the General Loose Minerals for the animals, get this week's Farm & Diary Newspaper, & the new issue of Hobby Farm magazine. But when I walked in, I saw them. Hanging there on the rack with all the other new winter work clothes. My heart raced as I walked quickly to the rack. They were pink, soft, durable, & so cute BUT crap, the coveralls were in the youth size. The womens coveralls were that typical, boring beige color....yuck. I picked up the beige ones, held them up to my 4'10 body.....even in the short size I could reroll them back up to my thighes. The discrimination I face in the clothing world!!! So, I turned back to those PINK ones, the ones that kept calling my name. I searched for the XL thinking maybe, just maybe, with a small prayer they would fit. I found the size, held them up.....there was potential. The only obstacle would be the butt, darn the butt!! I walked over to the fitting room, my heart racing. I shut the door, kicked off the shoes and tried the coveralls on.......................

They fit!!!! Are you flippin' kidding me!!??? There was plenty of room all over, even in the butt!!! It was my lucky day!!! The length was perfect, no rolling to be done......and they are PINK!! No boring beige.....won't the animals be excited for me!!!!!! Of course, I bought them, a mere $44.99 but pure excitement.......priceless!!! And who in the heck less is going to wear pink coveralls? Oh, I did get the other things I originally went to get at TSC........but I am thinking I should go back and get the matching coat:)

Now which pair of boots should I wear with my new pink coveralls?????
So many issues for a single hobby farm woman!

I am wondering which one of these handsome boys
is going to tell me how awesome my new pink coveralls are...............????

I am thinking Johnny is saying," she better not even think of buying me a pink halter!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Savorying the Season

"Everyone must take time to sit
and watch the leaves turn."
-Elizabeth Lawrence

I think I post so many pictures of fall as I want to savory every last moment of my favorite season. This week this beautiful mum bloomed. I bought it a couple of years ago & each year I split it and replant it throughout the yard. I have never found another mum in this stunning shade of pink!
One of those little statues that I love to add to garden!
It puts a smile on my face regardless of the season:)

This is probably my most favorite tree in the yard.....its a river birch I bought a few years ago. I paid $70 for the tree & after the first year the main trunk died. Needless to say, I was annoyed and I cut the tree way back. Today, its a perfect tree right in front of my house. I have it decorated with orange lights that look so festive at night esp. when the big harvest moon is out!

And did you really think I could do a post without a Halloween pic?
Happy Halloween from Dixie!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cat Photo of the Day!

Jingles found the perfect place to enjoy some of the wonderful autumn sun yesterday
even take in some of the Halloween decorations!!

Jingles & his brother Jangles started hanging out at my house about 5 ish years ago. They were pretty friendly from the start so my best guess is that some fool dropped them off on the country road......a common option for "responsible" pet owners who decide to get rid of their disposable pets. I am glad that they found their way back to my house as I have an 750 ft driveway! They are my outside cats as my inside cats voiced a lot of opinion when I tried to bring them in the house. So Jingles & Jangles have a very nice cat house on my front porch, a bench on the front porch w/cushions, the Martha Stewart furniture on the screened in porch to relax on, and 3 barns to mouse patrol. Though Jangles has been known to find more interesting things like a field rat or best yet the bat that he left for me last summer on the porch! In return they get a can of cat food in the morning plus dry food at night. Oh, and both are vaccinated & participated in the Bob Barker spay & neuter program!

Monday, October 13, 2008

So today I was off for "Discoverers Day".........

I am blessed to have a mother that I love so much, who has inspired me to be who I am today, who listens to me rant & rave (on rare occassion obvisously), and of course who makes these beautiful crafts. I thought I would share a very special one she made for me on my birthday a few years ago............

Now of course, I have no idea where she got that idea from.........

Today was "Discoverers Day" and my school district where I teach was off. So today was a day to do a thousand things......well maybe 3 things. I was taking hay out of the loft so I thought I would share this "lofty view" with you of my back property. That's the horned Shetland shelter below, well actually T.J., Cotswold ram, lives there too.

And speaking of hay, I received an email from the guy who I bought hay from in July. It was $4.25 then, today it is $6.50 or $7.50, depending on what I want.........hum.....let's see, I need 160 bales so I am thinking, "Heck, *?!!** So, I called my mom to rant & rave, swore up a storm, refocused, refocused again, considered bankruptcy, and refocused. I mean, I am a single, woman hobby farmer, I can handle the pressure. I made a phone call and found 1st cuttings for $5.00 a bale, its not super high quality, but I have a good 80 bales of real nice stuff in the barn now. I will be having those 160 bales delivered at the end of the month.
Now, I told everyone that ever blade of hay needs to be eaten, I don't want one blade left to be stepped on.......

Nor do I want animals to use expensive hay as an ass rubber!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Perfect Day to Just Be Home!

Today was the most beautiful fall day in Northeast Ohio and it was the perfect day to just stay home and just enjoy being there. I thought I would share this little painting my mom did for me........its a perfect way to say this is home for me.

And this is the little place I call home...........
It was a nice day to let the Liberty & her daughter Sweet Pea enjoy a walk in the yard!

It was just that kind of day to take a walk around the yard and take a photo or too!
And Dixie loves to have her photo taken:)

A view from the back of the yard on a beautiful autumn day!

My dogs are my walking buddies.
Its always nice to have their company on a day when its just nice to be home!

The cute thing in the garden is called...........

I was quite excited to see the response that I got from my "steal" but after so much confuse on the frickin' name of it I decided to play teacher and go to my Oxford dictionary and here are the results:

GAZEBO: a small building or structure such as a summer-house, designed to give a wide view

PERGOLA: an arbour or covered walk, formed of growing plants trained over a trellis-work

TERRACE: (there was a lot for this one but I picked..) a level pathed area next to a house.....
okay I admit "I" picked the totally wrong word....can't be perfect all the time:)

TRELLIS: a lattace or grating of light wood used esp. as a support for fruit trees or creepers
and often fastened to a wall

CUPOLA: a small rounded dome adorning a roof

Well, I am going with a combination of trellis & Kara's suggestion of pergola.......
so lets call it a trellgola??? perellis???
As long as it adds to the "ambiance" of the garden, I'll take it and just call it TOO CUTE:).

Thank you to all of you who read my posts & offer your insight...
it always makes for a better day!!!!