Saturday, October 11, 2008

And to think I was going to steal it........

A quick story........
The house next door to me went up for foreclosure last April 2007.
A new neighbor bought the house at sheriffs auction this May & has been doing alot of work to get the house all nice & landscaped. A couple of weeks ago he & I were BSing just before he started redigging the pond on the property. There was this terrace next to the pond that he said he was going to drag over to the burn pile.
Now, what my new neighbor did not know was that I had been trying to figure out how I was going to "steal" this terrace & get it over to my property for months. I mean the house had been sitting vacant for over a year........
Well, here was my chance! After all, what does a single guy know about terrace potential in the garden? Now, the terrace was looking pretty sad, it was missing a spindle & was really grey & green from lack of wood protector. So, I nonchalantly said if he didn't mind, I would love to have it, I mean he didn't need to know that his new neighbor had considered "stealing" it. So the next day my kind new neighbor hooked it up to his big farm tractor & dragged it over to the spot where I had been "thinking" it would look really good, esp. next spring when I put up the picket fence around the garden.
So, my dad power washed it off (its a dad thing, he thinks I can't handle the power washer) and I bought a $20.00 gallon of wood protector/stain and today I finished off my "new terrace"!!

Now, I am thinking it looks pretty cute in my backyard!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag......I Am It!

I have been tagged by newly found twin sister Melanie over at Wee Farm. Since we had no idea of our sisterhood until yesterday, she is tagging me to find out 6 "interesting" things about me..............I had to think about this because I live by myself with only my animals and the conversation tends to be very biased on certain subjects, well maybe all subjects.
However, after some discussion a number of things came up.
1.) I love my dogs! They are truly my best friends. We are together all the time & they totally
put up with all my silliness..........for example Dixie lets me dress her up for a photo.

These are my beagles.......that's Squirt in the front. He really is an attention deficit dog, a total sweetie but oh boy does he have a deaf ear when he is out in the field! And that is ReRun, the red beagle. Total sap dog, excerise is not a priority with ReRun & he always is taking my slippers outside!! Oh, and for those of you reading this, they are NOT FAT......the politically right way to say it is "they are weight challenged"!

2.) I live for Coke & anything chocolate chip!!! A common breakfast at 7:oo am while I
am driving into school is a can of Coke & chocolate chip cookies, actually 2 chocolate pop tarts
really kicks me into high gear & history surely is exciting to my 8th grades at 8:00 in the
3.) I love barns & decorating for all the seasons!!! I probably could decorate 3 houses
with all the stuff I have......its like an addiction. If you enlarge the pic you can find all the
little decorations:)
4.) I love demin blue & Birkenstocks!!!! These are my 3 favorite pairs of Birks & my
favorite demin fall shirt. I worked in retail for over 15 years & always in the shoe dept.
Actually, I worked at Dillards for close to 10 years. Shoes are a serious issue with me......
close to 50 pairs......but I always go for the Birks! Oh, the bench was painted for me by my
mom!!! I love having a creative mom.....I did not get the painting gene however:(
5.) I love the smell of candles in my house!!! And I have a lot of candles! My
favorite candles to burn are McCalls, I buy them down in Amish Country.
My current favorite smells are Hot Butterrum & Pumpkin Spice. That is my
new table that I bought at a craft show.....goes with the whole "I love barns"

6.) I have a potty mouth:( I saved this for last because my mom is always yelling at me
about it......I swear its because I work with junior high kids. I can cuss up a storm & not
even know I am doing it. I can use swear words as nouns, verbs, adjectives, & even an
adverb if I think about it. I do most of my swearing driving & at home:). And along with the potty mouth is this underlying sarcastic attitude.That is badddddd too.....but I never cuss at my students...( I just use a little sarcasim with them).

So, there you have issues. The dogs wanted me to also tell you that I refuse to eat, touch, or look at ground meat....barf!! Totally disgusting along with those nasty hot dogs....double barf!! But at least I am a total bacon nut & I "sometimes" share bacon with them! I am sure if any other issues come up, I will let my blog readers know....esp. my new twin, Melanie:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Thyme of Change.......

The good witch of Harvest Thyme would like to share some of the changes that are occurring....

This week there have been noticeable changes in the maple trees..........

The boys have noticed a change in their living arrangements..........

they now have been moved to the "catch-all barn". This barn is used as a birthing barn, baby barn, and a barn to hold very flirty boys just wanting to have some fun!

Of course, they are not understanding why they have been moved from all the fun!
They can act & look so pathetic.....its like I have crushed their little world!
And then changes have taken place in the garden, plants dieing back, some color changes.....almost looks a little "scary"! LOL
I can't believe the changes in the girls! They have gotten so big since April & I have been getting 4-6 eggs a day! Last Sunday I got 9 eggs in one day!! Egg business is looking good.....perhaps it will help me pay my taxes instead of someone elses!

And of course the biggest change is how big the lambs have gotten....silly girls are still trying their hardest to get their noses through the fences to get that grass on the other side!
But the biggest change is coming next month when I turn......oh its so scary I can't even type how old I am going to be!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Am My Mother's Daughter!!

Look at me!!!!!!
I am Harvest Thyme Sweet Annie!! Aren't I the cutest little thing?!

This is my mom! Her name is Sheltering Pines Spirit. Can you see the family resemblence? There is no question in the barn yard who my mommy is and rumor has it that I am almost as loud as she is.
See we even act the same way when we are eating....only thing is I do not have my mom's black spot on the top of my head! But I do have these gulmoget markings like my dad Jed. has. I am pretty proud that I look just like my mom!

My mom would like to know if this silly picture taking is over so she can get back to more important things, like finding a blade of grass in the pasture?

Smile Spirit! I just wanted to show off your ewe lamb!!!