Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just because pics......& Cat #13

At home there is nothing more satisfying then giving the sheep their hay so they stop screaming at you like they have not been fed in days:) I am so proud of the baby lambs as they are just pushing their little selves right into the mix of it is food after all!

I promised Tammy I would post a pic of my milking stand that I so proudly bought at an Amish Benefit Auction. I paid $130 for it & its oak. I put a polyurethane coat on it to help protect it & I'll us a rubber mat on the stand so it will not be slippery & to help keep it clean.
It did come with 2 headpieces also. I priced the metal stands out & they run well over $220 & then the shipping cost is pathetic. So, I think I did good!

Below is Alvin. Alvin is a really, really, cool cat! About three years ago I came home from school & went into the small barn to feed & when I turned around to come out these 2 very little black kittens came running up to me, just meowing their little hearts out. Well, those 2 turned into 5 little black kittens. My Pembroke corgis Attie found the other 3 making their little way out of the field. Needless to say this happened in the month of October & I was not taking them to a shelter as they were all black. The smallest & weakest of the 5 (they were about 5 weeks old) sadly did not make it but I was able to find homes for everyone, 2 went to fellow teachers. And I just could not give up Alvin. Alvin is so friendly but you have to watch him because he is famous for jumping into your arms when your standing there & he does not give prior notice.

Did I mention that Alvin is the youngest of my cats? Did I mention that Alvin is cat #13? Now, I know you thinking, "Oh my gosh cat #13? 13 is such an unlucky number, she should have 14 cats!" And your so right.......but my family said they would disown me so I had to stop at 13. There is a lot to say when it comes to my cats and they each have a special story but 13 pics is alot to load in at one time so I will do it slowly. But I can tell you I have 3 white cats, 5 black cats, 3 black & white cats, a tortoise colored cat, & one Siamese cat. See, its all color coded, works out much better. And don't worry, I listened to Bob Barker & they all participated in the Bob Barker spay & neuter program:) LOL
You know though, I have always wanted a Maine Coon cat.............

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet my LaManchas!

I am multi-tasking right now.....I am a multi-tasker......I can't get through a single day without multi-tasking. So, of course are you wondering what I am multi-tasking at? You have to promise not to laugh but I am going to tell you a little secret about me.......I am a die-heart 90210 fan. Seriously, I watched it religiously when it was on back in the 90's, I even catch the reruns on soapnet AND the new 90210 series started tonight!
So, I am watching that & thinking about my breeding plans for Fall......should I breed? if so, who? if so, why? Do I have a plan & a reason for that particular breeding? Good questions that should be answered before I make a firm decision. So with that in mind, I do not think I have introduced the other ruminants at Harvest Thyme........that would be my know those goats that don't have ears.
I started with Nigerian Dwarfs but then was taken by the LaManchas & in all honesty, I love their personality. They are such well-natured animals, very friendly, & too smart. They can create mess because they are so nosy. Mine are always right in my face about everything & they know how to open every cabinet, bin etc. in my barn! Let me introduce you to my girls.

This is Celtic-Knot Liberty. This pic was taken this past April just after Libby had a doe & buck. That's her little doe with her. Libby is my first LaMancha & is too smart for her own good.
This is Harvest Thyme Sweet Pea......Libby's doe now. She gets "special" privilege because she is a favorite:)

And this is Celtic-Knot Peppermint Patty, aka Patty. Patty is a mellow goat but she doesn't think twice about head butting the sheep when it comes to food.

And this is Mooshie. Mooshie is my creation as my ex-husband says. I made her into what she is.......and that is the most nosiest, in your face, trouble finding my ex implying something about my character? Mooshie is known for having her head under the fence or gate looking for greener grass. She has been known to have a grain bucket stuck on her head & the best one was one morning when I was freaking out because I could not find her. I swear she had slipped out & walked off the property but no, she was standing in Johnny's stall with Johnny. Not a clue on how she got in there & I can't believe Johnny didn't kick the crap out of her.

Now, they are like best friends.
Now, I'm thinking about goat milk, goat soap & lotion, oh, & that goat fudge is to die for.
After all I did buy that Amish made milking stand..........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me & My New Boots

Straight up & honest, this week has really sucked. Getting up at 4:30 am sucks.....starting barn chores at 5:30 am even more if your my neighbors because the sheep are really loud when they hear that grain bucket......driving 50 minutes into Cleveland at 6:50 sucks because there is this glaring sunrise on your windshield & some drivers don't believe in sunglasses or sun visors cuz their so cool?.......and it totally sucks to be in a school with NO air conditioning with windows that face south & by noon my room is baking at at least 90 degrees & thats with 3 fans blowing hot air (not my hot air of course, the students:).....can you tell its been over 85 degrees all this week & I am, lets say, feeling annoyed, irritated, little bit of anxiety going on BUT thats okay because this past weekend I got some power to make me feel better.

These are my NEW Timberland PRO Series work boots They are made to work. They are guaranteed waterproof (Gortex lined:). They come with electrical hazard protection, guess so I won't electrocute myself. The tag even says it will give me 24/7 comfort for rigorous work so I can keep more crappy attitude from I can kick butt & take no crap in the barn. Got these suckers on sale for $53.97, marked down from $89.......guess it pays to have a size 5 1/2.
So, I told Johnny that when he steps on my foot I won't totally cuss him out because I have my new boots on. He wanted to know about the gelding thing & I said I have 3/4 of the money saved so its still on:)

I walked me & my new boots over to Windswept Yankee to discuss up coming breeding plans. He said he wanted all the girls like Jed got.......but I said maybe 3 because I am working on the whole polled thing.

Then me & my boots walked over to check on the 20 bundles of Sweet Annie that I tied up this weekend......probably could still get another 20. This stuff grows like a weed at my house. My friend Lisa is a certified herbalist & she uses Sweet Annie as a natural wormer for her goats....she has had great results. Gotta be careful not to over use it however. It takes awhile for the animals to acquire a taste for it. So I am drying it for her & I. Barn totally smells like Sweet Annie. I've seen this being sold at craft shows for like $5.00 a bundle!

Well, my boots & I gathered up all my Fall magazines I have gotten in the mail & I have been slowly reading them.......Why? Why do I get these? All they do is create more ideas, more mess, more work.........but I just love them!!!!

And of course, my boots & I continued to put up fall decorations. I love this pumpkin sign....I paid $2.99 for it on Friday & its all wood! I have it hanging on my garden barn.

Oh, and I wanted to share my new painting that I bought in Amish Country. I love the simplicity of this picture. If you enlarge it you can see the pumpkins on the front porch.
And you guessed it, my boots & I hung this in my living room:)
So, that what me & my boots have been up too. I am sure they will get plenty of wear in the next few months.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Afternoon in Amish Country

Sometimes I just need to get away from the house & barns just to kinda "relax" and this usually means taking a 45 minute ride south into Amish Country. Now Amish Country in Holmes County Ohio has changed alot over the years, becoming a tourist mecca for many an outsider. But there are a few places that the tourists haven't totally tapped into & it does have some of the prettiest scenery in Ohio with lots of country roads & hills.
My first stop on Saturday was to Maysville to pick up 3- 80# bags of horse feed. I found this feed store to be the cheapest at $16 for an 80# is amazing what one can pack in a mini-van:). The next place my parents & I wanted to go to was in Charm.
Of course, when driving through Amish Country one has to be cautious on the hills & winding roads & be a courteous driver to the buggies & horses that share the road. A polite wave is often a kind gesture between passing vehicles.
  • This is a one of the beautiful barns that are often seen on the roads of Amish Country.

    This is the BEST place in all of Holmes County for Amish made bakery. It is a deadly place to go but someone has to do it & I am a willing volunteer. So lets see, I bought 2 loafs of white bread, 2 pie size cinnamon rolls (one is going to my neighbor:), some cute frosted pumpkin sugar cookies w/yummy frosting on it, 3 packs of this awesome gravy mix, 2 huge onions, a head of cabbage (mine is still in growing phase in the garden), 1/2 dozen corn, & 2 mums, one for me & one for Mom. The mums were only $3.95 a piece. There like the ones in the picture below.

    (Enlarge this picture to see the beautiful mums & the horse up close:)

    Pictured below is another really bad place for me to go into. Let's see I bought huge hot butter rum scented candle, this primitive decorated plate that says "Autumn is the best time of the year" , and then I bought this primitive picture of an Amish house & barn decorated with fall pumpkins, & then a few misc. items of "junk" ........opps I spent $70. Thats my dad in the picture below, probably throwing his hands up & yelling something about me spending too much money like he usually does. My usual reply to him is, "And?"

    And of course when shopping your car shares the parking spaces with the buggies.

    We also went to this place called "Mud Valley Creamery" out on route 39 past Walnut Creek. It is like a bulk store for flours, spices, pasta, candy, cheese, pretzels etc. and they have a nice meat counter. They have the BEST bacon and it was just my luck that they had bacon on sale for $1.79 lb. Heck, its like $3.79 # in the grocery stores. And you guessed it, I bought 5 lbs. Can you tell I like bacon?

    So, all in all it was a good day, perfect weather, a drive with my parents, bought lots of food, bought some cute fall decorations for the house, had lunch........what else can one ask for on a Saturday afternoon? :)