Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Place I Call Home

I was thinking that perhaps I should share some of my homestead, the place where I spend my thyme, the place where I hope to harvest and enjoy all my hard work; the place my animals and I call home...........
Above is my garden barn. All of my barns are Amish made (that would be because I have taken one too many rode trips through Amish country.....thanks Mom & Dad). That is my resting & reflecting swing. A big maple tree to the left offers nice shade in the summer.

This is the backview of my garden barn. Each year I try to add one or 2 raised beds and each year I loose a bed to nosy goats who can't resist a taste here and there. Next year I am going to enclose it in white picket fence.....I refuse to be beaten by the goats!!!

This year I added my chicken coop....well actually the George Bush

stimulate the economy check helped add the coop. I have 28 chickens

and eggs hopefully coming by the end of August!!!

I couldn't find a really big pic of the animal barn but that is it in

the background. This is Windswept Betsy & her black smirslet ram

lamb and her moorit/yuglet/flecket ewe lamb. They were taking a

family walk. So, there you have it.....a small stroll around my

homestead. I hope you'll come back to see more in the future:)