Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Service Call at Home

So, the weatherman said it was going to be quite chilly last night, dipping down into the low, low 20's, so of course it would be the perfect night for my furnace to decide not to kick on at 4:oo am!! I was all snuggled in bed with my snowman flannel sheets when the first alarm clock call went off. I heard the furnace kick on, then the blower go on and then the blower kept running. No second click for the igniator, no third click for the propane to come threw the lines, just the blower blowing cold air. How excellent!! So I crawl out of bed leaving 3 dogs and countless cats to keep sleeping on the warm bed. Down to the basement, shut the furnace off. Wait a few seconds. Turn the furnace back on. Wait for the furnace routine to start. And of course the igniator does not glow which means it has crack in it. I am getting good at this as this would be the third time the piece of crap has broken. The first time was when I was newly divorced and had to call the heating guy out of the phone book and he charged me $175 for that call. But I watched him repair the furnace. So a couple of years later when the same thing happened, I was one up on it. That time I called the friend with benefits and he got the part and installed it. But since I am a seasoned pro with this igniator part I decided to handle it myself today.
Of course, I made the proper phone calls to my Dad and friend with benefits to make sure I was doing the right thing. Took the piece out myself. Had to go to 2 stores to find it but I got lucky because I took the receipt and the part with me. I showed the guy at the second store the receipt which had the part # & my furnace model # on it and the price of $45 for the part. He of course had the part but the computer was showing a price of $65. He said because I was so nice he was just going to charge me $45. Little did he know that I had gotten all my swearing and ranting and raving out at 4:00 am so I was feeling "more relaxed" by 11:00 am. Got home and within 10 minutes I had installed the part and the house was warming up!!!! Sometimes I just "crack" myself up! Of course, I did give myself a pat on the back:) I think my dad & friend with benefits was even impressed with me!
So, since I had to take a sick day from school ( first one this year, down to 172 sick days left:), I decide to be festive in the morning and grade papers after watching my soap opera ( Young & the Restless dieheart).

Cute snowman goes out onto the front porch..........
I tried to get Cubbie to come out of the barn to help but no go on that one!

Of course, I love that darn chicken coop so I put a snowman on the front........

and a Christmas wreath on the back window. I hope the girls appreciate my thoughtfulness!

The sheep were feeling all snuggly too as it was only in the mid-2o's by noon.

I put the snowman birdhouse out for the birdies.

Mooshie was looking a little fluffy....I need to get her & the other LaManchas goat coats. Anybody have a pattern to make one?

Little Squirt took a nappy after playing outside with Dixie while I was putting up some decorations.......looks like a good idea to me.....especially because its warm in the house now!!!


Claire said...

Excellent work on the furnace! Now you should pay yourself the $175 and use it for something you really want, because you saved it on the service call! Ahh...me and my twisted logic. Love the photos, especially the chicken coop!

Deb said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrr.....it's really cold at your house.
Great repair job - don't ya love it when you can fix things yourself?! I'm glad it all worked out well.

Claire, the self payment is a brilliant idea :)

I love all your snowmen decorations - snowmen are my favorite.....your chicken house just could not be any cuter.

By the way....belated "Happy Birthday" to you. 11/30 is a very special day to me as well. My one and only brother was born that day in 1962. I lost him in 1985 but I still celebrate his b-day in my own special, private way and it's a happy day. Good people born on that day :)

Tracey said...

I am so impressed....you go girl!!!

Susan said...

WOW, I am impressed. I know there is no way I could've fixed it. Mmmmm, I know who to call now though ;)

Christy said...

Impressive! The chicken coop is gorgeous, did you make it? Hubby and I are going to start building one soon and I want it to be nice.

Candy Duell said...

Great repair work! I am impressed as well:) It is funny what we can acomplish when we need to.

The chicken coop is really great, my hubby says he is going to build me a new one next spring, I love the way yours looks.

ae1501 said...

Great job! If that teaching thing doesn't work out, hang a shingle as the furnace repairin' farm lady.

I thought things were rather calm down on the eighth grade wing today! ;)

kristi said...

I like the paying myself idea you suggested:) I am just excited that I saved that money esp. around the holiday! Glad you enjoyed the pics!

Thank you for sharing the story about your brother, that means a lot to me:) With things being so expensive I just find ways to do it myself & sometimes it just works out to my advantage. I hope that hawk has moved on his way. A few years ago there was a hawk hanging out at my bird feeder & I witnessed him taking out a smaller bird in mid-flight. I did put chicken wire across the top of my girls outside wire...chicken wire has a mind of its own when one is trying to pull it tight!!

Single women just gotta do what they gotta do!

I don't do toilets just in case your wondering LOL. My sister said the enteries for the IX are pretty low for the Cardigans...hopefully Dixie & I will be in a better situation come the end of January:)

kristi said...

Christy & Candy
thank you for stopping by Candy! I can't take credit for the chicken coop, it is Amish made & was delivered already built. It came on a flatbed trailer and was loaded off right on the gravel pad. Now that cute coop came with a price tag of $1100, but it has been well-worth it!

Ms. Andrea,
what are you implying about middle school teachers? just remember you were one of us before "the move". But hey, thanks for the job idea:)

Pat in east TN said...

The same thing happened to us a few years back and when I got up I thought who turned the air condtioning on, eeeeek, it was SO cold in the house!!!

You go girl with your fix it know how ... you rock!!!

Love the pics and all the snowmen ... my gosh but you find the cutest things!

ae1501 said...


I merely meant that I hadn't heard your "herding" voice above the din of 8th grade voices. However, rest assured that my loyalties still lie firmly in middle school. I would like to hear about your meeting with "she who must not be named".