Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Reindeer that Almost Wasn't

It was not Dasher, it was not Dancer, nor Prancer or Vizen. It was not Comet or Cupid, nor Donner or Blitzen. Heck, it wasn't even Rudolph. It was the $9.99 motorized grape vine reindeer that I bought at my favorite store. Why did I need another reindeer? Because I did because it was going to look cute by the front porch and the other 2 reindeer were back by the garden barn and I wanted one in the front yard. So, I bought it, it was a deal but when I pulled it out of the box to put it together, well it became the reindeer from hell. He became known as the #@*!! reindeer. I have a BA, MA, I am a teacher.....I can follow directions but I only have 2 hands and this assembly needed more!!!! Who is the idiot who designs & packs this stuff anyways? The holidays are stressful enough!

30 minutes later, a can of Coke, and a little help from Santa, and the reindeer was finally done!

Of course, a little help from Frosty too.


melanie said...

Those idiots would be the Chinese...

Glad to see you are "fighting" your way back into the season!

Kara said...

Your fireplace looks beautiful! I read your last post and was thinking the same thing Nancy and Tammy were. Make sure you record the date. Anything born in April will be Jammer's and mid to late May, Jed's. It is the first two weeks of May that might be a little sketchy. Good luck, it will be okay. Have a good week. I knit two hats this weekend and started a third...I better get back to it!

Pat in east TN said...

I believe we all have at least one of those decorations that we have to assemble that drives us NUTS!!! UGH!!! Glad you got it done and are getting ready for the holidays. It really looks cute around the fireplace.

Claire said...

Did it come with funny instructions saying things like: "Please not to make sit on happy reindeer or danger will happening" and "When reindeer not make going, safety check using the power in wall"?

Sometimes assembly instructions make me laugh. Your deer looks fabulous though! I haven't got any animated reindeer. Now you've inspired me!

kristi said...

I am trying to be postive and toes love the socks!!

I love that fireplace...when my ex and I built the house, an old boyfriend put the fireplace in for us & only charged us $275!!! I am stressing about the Jammer thing now:) I am so pleased the way he is turning out because he was looking a little "yucky" for a personality however!! Sounds like your knitting is for Xmas gifts!!

what is Xmas without a little annoyance and holiday cheer:)

Then I shall be seeing your reindeer and decorations on your blog this weekend? LOL