Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Day at Home

So yesterday was mud day and last night the Lake Erie snow machine kicked in. Nothing like hearing the wind rattling the windows at 2 a.m. The wind coming out of the north creates the most havoc in my yard because of all the drifting that occurs esp. with my driveway, though today there were what I call "baby drifts". Hopefully, I will not have to post "monster drifts".

A few drifts and blowing snow in the "winter" garden. Today I got 3 gardening catalogs in the mail so there is hope:)

I thought this was a nice photo of the snow in the backyard by my big barn. I think I am going to do some type of flowers in the old wheelbarrow in the spring.

The chickens were very excited to peak the snow off my boots this morning.....notice those cool pink coveralls that I am sporting:) I love my coveralls and I think they love me......though they make me look like an Umpa Lumpa.

I tried to get the chickens to come out and play but no go.....I think they were afraid of the snowdrift.

This is my very favorite kat. ewe "Abby". She loves me and always is first to greet me:)

Since I am spending New Year's Eve at home, I decide to make a few of my favorite things to eat. I made breaded city-chicken, baked potatoes, & broccoli from the garden. Then I needed a snack. So I made chocolate chip bread. This is a new recipe I found so hopefully its good:)
So I will ring in the New Year at home w/ my chocolate chip bread and a glass of milk!!
May all of you have a safe and wonderful New Year' s Eve!!!!!


Pat in east TN said...

We didn't have any snow this way, but boy we sure got the winds! It started in the night and has gone on and on all day!

We're staying in tonight too ... don't like being out and about tonight.

Happy New Year!!!

Kara said...

Happy New year Kristi! We are staying in too. I see you got your fair share of a little lake effect too...we have Erie and Ontario to thank for ours. What a cutie your Kat ewe Abby is; isn't nice when they love us? Makes it all worth while. Have a good one and stay warm!

Nancy K. said...

I think I'll indulge and have a glass of Bailey's at midnight!

Happy New Year

Deb said...

Happy New Year's Eve Kristi -
We are staying in as well. I picked up a couple of what I hope are decent movies and whipped up a cracker/cheese plate and some chicken wings. We had just enough snow today to make the roads slippery. We have never gone out New Years eve. Too risky for me.

We will toast the new year with a little bubbly and hit the hay.
Enjoy your chocolate chip bread. I'll have to check out that recipe :)

Joanna said...

Sounds like a good plan for tonight, we'll ring in the new year at home in our PJ's.

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Kristi!
I am ringing in the New Year at home too with my critters.
I have never been much for going out on New Years Eve. My bassett hound is terribly afraid of fire works, so I don't like to leave her on New Years Eve or 4th of July.
Enjoy your yummy sounding meal. I just had some shrimp, and I am planning on cooking some black eyed peas,collard greens,ham and cornbread tomorrow.

Claire said...

I cannot even begin to express my envy of your pink coveralls. I, too, want to look like a pink Umpa Lumpa. Are they available online? Please say yes!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hope the dogs don't steal your bread! :-) My chickens did the same thing; wouldn't step foot in the snow but eagerly gathered around to peck the stuff off my boots. Go figure!

Rayna said...

"breaded city chicken"...does anyone else think that sounds like fried pigeon? lol