Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Muddy Dog

"Squirt, could you please explain why you are so muddy?" I asked
"Well, your not going to believe it, but I was being chased by this HUGE rabbit!" Squirt exclaimed.
"Wow, that must have been one HUGE rabbit! Where did he chase you to?"
"He chased me into this really big, muddy hole! And I almost got stuck in it!"
"So, that explains why your nose is so muddy, you went in nose first."
"Yep, sure did," Squirt confirmed, "but I think the rabbit bit me on the butt!"

"Now how is it that your so muddy, but your brother ReRun has no mud on him?" I asked
"Well, you know he is a little overweight so the rabbits don't bother with him and he can't run as fast as I can."
"I see. But you do know what this means, don't you?"
"Yes, you have to get a bath before you are allowed to get on the furniture let alone sleep on the bed tonight!!"
Looking all sad, Squirt says, "But I hate the blue pool, it scares me!"
"Sucks to be you. You play, you pay."
After a lot of wimpering and patheticness, Squirt was all cleaned up and allowed on the furniture.

Poor Squirt......he was so exhausted after being chased by the HUGE rabbit and the bath that he needed a nappy. What would I do without my children? I sure do love having the time to be home with them!!
Let's see, there is only 115 school days left 'till summer break minus one week for spring break, MLK Day, President's Day, and maybe a few snow days thrown in for good measure.......but who is counting?


Pat in east TN said...

The tales 'children' will tell ... LOL!!!

Deb said...

Squirt is just the cutest...what a cute story - he had a fun day until he had to have a bath Mom - gee did you have to?
He looks very comfortable taking his nap. Bet he smells better :)

We count school days as well. Ty will have a week off in Feb and another week off in April. Without too many snow days he will be out for the summer by 6/15. Can't wait...
Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

Christy said...

Poor puppy. He was having such a good day until you had to ruin it with a bath!

Tracey said...

What a cute story!

Claire said...

Dear Squirt,
My mom says you got chased by a rabbit. I need to tell you, this is the wrong way around. As a greyhound, I can assure you that the rabbit needs to be chased, not to be the chaser. I think you need to grow longer legs. I will teach you how to chase rabbits properly. My mom doesn't let me do it but I know how, I haven't lost my touch! Great mud shots - you should be a calendar dog. Happy doggie new year to you.
Stickley the Greyhound

kristi said...

kids never lie you know:)

Lucky Ty to have a week off in Feb!! I have like 168 sick days...probably will be sick in March and maybe April to get the garden ready...cough, cough (just practicing:)

I know, I am such a party pooper:)

You need to post some pics of your new girl:) esp. if she has new clothes!

Wow! You know I can chase them pretty good but then mom tells me I am annoying the neighbors w/my howl and sometimes I get really focused and don't listen to Mom calling me but when I hear those bad words I know I should come back to the house. Looking cute helps...sometimes.

Angela said...

That is so funny. My lil Toby is all boy too. He doesnt get to run free, but on each walk, will look for the mud puddles for a lil skip through. He had his bath today, not muddy, just smelt doggy. Now he smells like Suave Lilac.