Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is to a Better Week!!

It is the start of a new week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a much better week than last week. Let me recap the events of last week because I truly believe it was one the more stressful weeks in my mere 41 years of existence. birthday spent with my family. A very nice day!

Monday........start of school. A long 3 weeks till the beginning of Christmas break on the 19th

Tuesday........4:00 am I realize the furnace is out; take the day off of school to fix it as it is the
coldest day of the year thus far.

Wednesday......Yankee & Samuel have a very bad fight

Thursday..........Yankee is not doing well; when I come in from morning chores I notice that my
cat Maddie is sitting on the bed with something white hanging off his cheek. After closer examination I notice that he has an abcess that has busted open. This is interesting because he is an indoor cat so where the heck this came from is a mystery. Regardless, at 6:45 am in the morning I am cleaning this abcess up, he is not happy with me, and to annoy him more, I give him an antibiotic shot before I am done. Obviously, I was late to work though at least I do not have a first period class. That evening I made the choice to put Yankee to sleep as his leg was is

Friday..........I decide that I needed gas before driving all the into school. At our town circle
gas was $1.65 but I know that gas is $1.54 14 minutes up the road so I decide to get it there. But when I get there,I can't find my Visa/debit card....where would it be? Oh, in my barn coat that I wore on Tuesday when I went to get the furnace part. But that's okay, I'll just use my "emergency" credit card. However, after 2 attempts at the pump to insert my credit card in which the screen has "Transaction rejected" I realize that my so called emergency card expired in July!!!! How excellent!! And since I have NO CASH on me because I use that stupid Visa/debit card for everything, I was able to scavenge four dollars in change in my purse and various parts of my mini-van so I could get to work; at least gas is cheap and I got almost a quarter tank! I was late for work again.

Saturday.......I decided to go to the bank and then go to one of those hand wash power wash
car places right in town because my van was a muddy mess. Did you know that when you wash you car when it is 26 degrees outside the concrete is really slippery and you can fall? Yep, I only baled once though.....I am sure Dixie was laughing at me as she was sitting in the front seat watching me. But she was happy cuz she got a biscuit at the bank. I did get some Christmas decorating done. This is the top of coat/shoe rack right by my front door. I bought the angel on
Friday at my favorite store for $4.99......with the week I was having I thought it was a good idea to have an angel in the house:)

There are 2 weeks till Christmas break.......I am counting down the days !!!!!!!


Tracey said...

I'll toast to a better week for you!! Last week was definitely a rough one for you :(
The angel is soooo cute!!

Kara said...

Me too! To a better week!

Candy Duell said...

I am also hoping that you have a much calmer week!

Pat in east TN said...

May that angel be watching over you .. WOW, whatta week!!

Nancy K. said...

...and the animals are oblivious through it all! ;-)

It seems that it's time for things to lighten up at Harvest Thyme. I would say a carding/spinning/knitting or just plain snuggling with the animals day is definitely called for! What ever it is that gives you pleasure and makes you smile...

Susan said...

Well if things do come in three's your all set for a while? I sure hope so anyway. Promise says to give her Dixie daughter a big hug & one for you too.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'd say that was a week to test the strongest character; hope you passed! BTW, I would love your knack for decorating -- and a full-time maid to dust it all!

Christy said...

I do hope this is a better week for you.