Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gotta Love a Wether!!

Today's weather was quite cold; coldest of the year so far. All water buckets were frozen plus the small trough that I have at the big barn. I found a frozen egg in the chicken coop too. Its still stuck to the ground:) It was only 20 degrees this morning and should be colder tomorrow morning. In honor of this winter weather, I took a group picture of my wethers.

I love my wethers, everyone should have a wether to love and hug. They always have the most incredible fleeces!!
I love this face......I know Ira's eyes are in there somewhere!!!
Gotta love a wether!!!


Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
Man I am glad those sheep have built in wool caots cause It sure does lo9ok COLD there!!
Hope you are doing better today!!
Love your new picture at the top of your blog.
I am so football team just won our conference champonship game!!!
:) Tracey

Tracey said...

oops...I meant look not loo9k

Pat in east TN said...

What cute pics of your wethers and wow are they ever wooly!!!

We are sooo cold here too and the winds ... geeeeze!! Not typical for us, but so it goes.

Deb said...

Looks like winter has definately settled in at your house. It's so pretty. Love your new header - such an adorable building :)

Your right, wethers are great. I have a wether, Froto, that was a bottle baby - oh my, what a lovebug he is. He will leave his food if he thinks someone might scratch his chin.

I'm so glad your feeling better ~ hope you have a nice, relaxing sunday.

Kara said...

You sound more upbeat today. I love your new header too. Tell us more about your Cotswold, he is so cute.

Christy said...

I can't wait to have a wether or 2!