Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Xmas Mission

I slept in 'till 7:00 am and I didn't care. I did morning barn chores. I exchanged yummy treats with my neighbor & chatted for a bit. I washed my new clothes. Put gifts away. Washed dishes. Put Martha Stewart patio furniture in the basement for the winter. Cleaned the fish tank. Had lunch & watched "Young & the Restless". Went to the feed store to get grain for everyone (6- 50 # bags). Then headed to Mom & Dad's because we had to go to a funeral. But before I went there, I was bad. It was impulsive, it was a rush, embedded in my blood from way to many years working in retail. The traffic off the highway to the mall was gosh ridiculous. Crazy people all trying to get to the damn mall. But I grew up at that mall. I lived 8 minutes from the mall in the suburban neighborhood. I know all the shortcuts to get to the I took them.
I spied the car pulling out of the parking spot really close to the entrance and my Town & Country mini-van blew by everyone else. Well, at least I didn't hit anyone and no one got the finger. I was on a mission. Get to Christopher & Banks and get my new calendar because I knew the calendar place had them 50% off. I had 35 minutes to do this & get to M & D's house.

This is a product of my mission. My new Lang Cow Calendar for 2009. It fits perfectly in my Amish calendar holder!!! Price was $7.50 and I am happy now. And I got to Mom & Dad's on time. Better yet, on the way home I got gas for $1.47.......filled up my van for $20. Tomorrow its suppose to be 65 degrees.......guess I will post pics of mud and my neighbors pond overflowing. Maybe I should build the sheep and goats a boat.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

But what did you get at Christopher and Banks??? I really wanted to hit the after-Christmas sales, but couldn't justify venturing out when I don't need a thing. Shoot, I don't even work out of the home!

melanie said...

This poverty thing is working for me...definitely keeps me out of any stores that don't sell hardware or cracked corn...

But what a great steal on the calendar...

Deb said...

You are very brave!! The mall the day after christmas - Yikes :)
I LOVE the cow calendar...I really need to get one of those and the calendar holder is gorgeous as well.
We are supposed to hit 55 tomorrow. We are going to need an ark as well. If all this snow melts, it's going to be an incredible mess.
Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

Nice find! We didn't leave the house yesterday, but we're venturing to Walmart today to get some more fish for Logan's tank.

Tammy said...

Love the calendar. I always wait til after Christmas to buy one too, 'just in case' I get one for Christmas. Plus they are always on sale then. And I love the gas prices! I can fill my truck up for exactly half what I was paying ($50+ versus $20+). It's wonderful.

kristi said...

at C & B I got a mock turtle neck w/an embordired moose on the neck for $5.99 and a demin shirt w/cute wooden tree bottons w/a green tree embordired on it for $9.99...I have a large collection of their demin shirts for every season!! Last year I got Xmas overall's for $4.99!!!

oh the poverty thing is strong here but I got my capital credit check from the electric co-op in the mail yesterday too so I decided to spend $30 on me:)

The Lang Company has the most wonderful primitive/folkart calendars & of course they fit my holder just perfectly! This weather is just yucky:(

Yesterday I was on a mission so when I am focused the people are a blur! Hope Logan finds some fun fish...nice gun you got:)

Yes, the gas is much I just need more money to spend because I can afford to drive to the store now:)