Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Break has Now Started!!!

Friday was my last day of school for 2 weeks!! I love winter break as it really is a time to get caught up on paper grading, inside house chores, reading favorite books/magazines, and spending much needed time with the animals. This will definitely be a Christmas at home as money is tight but I know in all honesty I really need nothing as I have plenty so taking care of feed for the animals and heat for the house is the #1 priority.
I thought I would share some pictures I took on Friday when my students and I ventured to downtown Cleveland for our annual Christmas movie. I won't tell you that it was a major fiasco getting downtown on public transportation as the weather was sleeting rain, cold, and the buses were running 30-40 minutes behind schedule and we had 110 6th & 8th graders going down. Myself and Mr. Kozak were the 8th grade teachers and I will tell you here and now I will NEVER teach 6th grade.....there is definitely something wrong with that age of child.
The price of the ticket to go downtown to see a movie and have lunch is one's cost for the movie, bus fare, and a donation to the foodbank at the Old Stone Church. This year we donated $200 to the food bank!!! I was very proud of all the students as our students at the school where I teach are all at or below the poverty level and many will have a very small Christmas. People often ask why I choose to teach in the inner city ......... I love reminds me to keep myself in check, to appreciate what I have worked so hard for, and it makes coming home to the farm/country that much more special. I wish I could post the picture of all my students that I took but with privacy/school stuff I can not. So I will share the photos that I can.

Above is the Old Stone Church. It is a historical landmark in downtown Cleveland. It is a beautiful Church and one where Abraham Lincoln was laid out for public viewing when his body was being transported home to Illinois after he was assassination.
The picture above and the 2 below were taken inside Tower City. Tower City today is one of the largest buildings in downtown Cleveland. There are many places to shop, offices, a large food court, and the cinemas. Years ago it use to be the home of Higbees, a large dept. store (and my grandma's favorite place to shop. She would bring me downtown to shop with her at Christmas).

These are motorized and animated decorations that hang from the ceiling. They are very neat to watch. Enlarge the photos to see the details of each object:)

So, that was my day. We saw the new Jim Carey movie. Okay, it must be my age, but it was really dumb; of course the kids loved it. But I am happy to report that "Night in the Museum, Part 2" is coming out in May!!!! I loved the first one; though I know the second ones always tend to be bad, so I will have to see.
I official finished Christmas shopping this morning; of course I was very happy to get chocolate Hersey kisses to make peanut butter Kiss cookies but when I got home I did not have peanut excellent....well I didn't say that but I am working on my potty mouth so Santa will be good to me. Now I have to stop when I go to the feed store Monday.

Hope everyone is being productive, safe, and happy this week!!!!!
Santa is on his way in 4 days!!


Tracey said...

Woo Hoo....a vacation for you!!!
Love the old church, how interesting about Abraham Lincoln.
I am gonna be making some Peanut butter/Hershey kiss cookies this week too.....they are one of my favorites!!
Merry Christmas to you,

Pat in east TN said...

Hope that you do enjoy your time off ... that was really neat what you did with your students.

Neat pictures!

Candy Duell said...

Enjoy your vacation, and Happy Holidays!

Deb said...

Have a wonderful vacation Kristi - teachers really earn them :)

Christy said...

Enjoy your time off! I hope you can relax some over this break.