Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cheap Sheep

Black Vanilla Raspberry is my favorite fragrance from Bath & Body. However, it is never in the stores. My thoughful & wonderful sister Jen bought it for me for Xmas but she got it on-line. Problem was she never bought on-line and got me 5 for $25......all lotions in Black Vanilla Raspberry. She kept one for herself and I got 4. While I do love the fragrance, I don't need 4 lotions. I decided to keep 2 and exchange the other 2. So today I decided to go into town to get a few things done & go to the bank and stop at Bath & Body. Problem was I left the stupid bag on the kitchen table!! However, lucky me they had body cream on sale for $3.00 (got Sweet Pea) and got Vanilla Shower Gel for $3.00. They are having the Semi-Annual Sale.
And then, sitting stuffed in a 75% off bin all by their fluffy selves were these little seriously, how could I NOT BUY THEM?? Originally $8.00 and I got them for $2.00 a piece!

Don't they just make you smile???? See, I have no problem rationalizing a totally not needed item in my house of having way too much "Stuff".

On the other hand of my more "realistic" farming life style, the girls seemed to be enjoying the warm winter weather today. I guess chickens like taking "baths" in pine shaving because they sure were kicking up a dust storm and rolling around in the shaving today.

So, other than this silly stuff, life is moving along at Harvest Thyme. I am thinking about being productive next week.........I wonder how that will go.


Joanna said...

were the stuffed lambs at Bath & Body? I would have bought them for that price for sure. If for no other reason, I like taking stuffed animals to folks in the hospital. I know if I was laid up, a stuffed toy would certainly cheer me up.

Deb said...

Great bargains ~
I love those lambies - I purchased the black one from Bath and Body for my friend Kelly for christmas. I paid full price but she was worth it :) She's a cucumber-melon fan.
I bought a small collection of the Sweet Pea for my Mom for christmas. It smells so nice. She loved it.

Tracey said...

Love the little stuffed lambs! Sweet Pea is my favorite bath and body works scent!

Rayna said...

Yup, I'd have bought the lambies too...Much to the dismay of my

Pat in east TN said...

I love Sweet Pea also and Bath & Body's new socks .. so soft and they have little 'nubbies' on the bottom to keep you from slipping. My daughter (in-law) is so good at keeping me supplied with most anything from there.

The stuffed lambs are oh so cute!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My sister got me a B&BW lamb awhile back, they it's "just" white -- I want yours! My favorite B&BW scent is Brown Sugar and Fig, so of course they've discontinued it. I also like the Sensual Amber, and use the Chocolate Amber body spray almost exclusively for my "perfume." I wanted to go today, but instead a friend of my son's and his parents are coming over, so I'm stuck at home. :-(

Claire said...

I see a shopping trip in my future tomorrow. I have to go to the mall anyway to pick up my new sunglasses, so I might as well just drop in to B&BW, just in case there are any lambies to be rescued.