Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Animal Neglect

Today is day 2 of my Christmas vacation and some very obvious animal neglect came to my attention. Upon morning chores beginning completed I came into the house to make my mini-cheesecakes. Not sure how long I was in the house but once the dogs started barking like crazy I had knew something was outside.
This is what I found when I opened the front door...........

I guess I forgot to put Mooshie back in the barn when I was done with chores and she obviously felt neglected. What a smart girl to come to the front porch, get on top of the cat house, and look inside the window to see what I was doing. She definitely has her own personality:)

Then Moo obviously feels neglected because he is pushing the heat deflectors off the floor vents and laying on top of the heat vents. I am sure he is telling me it is cold in the house and when he finds heat, he is not willing to share it. I did point out that propane is very expensive, I am using the fireplace, and I have a nice electric heater that I run (I heard Santa Dad bought me a new, fancy electric heater for Xmas:) I keep the thermostat at 63, 62 at night so its not like its Antarctica in the house. I am sure more "animal issues" will surface during the week but till then I must finish cookies and wrapping presents!!!!


Nancy K. said...

Too funny!


Christy said...

Those poor animals LOL. The goat is so funny! I wish I was getting a space heater for Christmas, it is cold in our house.

Sharrie said...

We have two cats with the same neglect problem. Let me know if you find a cure.

Tracey said...

I think Mosshie wanted some cheesecake!
Merry Christmas!