Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Saturday in November

This is day 6 of this ridiculous cold. I had a sore throat for day one, no voice for 3 days, coughing & sneezing on the next 2 days and today I have the watery eyes and my nose so stuffed up I can't stand it!!!!!! I did manage to go to a history seminar on Lincoln at Ashland University, bought the Pulitzer Prize book from the professor who gave the lecture which is titled "What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America 1815-1848". It is only 855 pages long......a good read for those winter months to come:) Then I filled my mini-van up and got gas at $1.86 per gallon, came home so I could inhale a bottle of nose spray so I could breath, and did barn chores while the dogs chased rabbits and other imaginary things in the field.

This willow tree is one of the last remaining trees in my yard to change color. Willows are great shade trees and beautiful to look at but they are so messy. I wish the sun had been out because this tree truly looks like gold in the sun; however, actually I think I like the way this photo came out.

There is just something about a lamb bum that I can't I got 6 bums in a row.......which bum are you partial to?

How do you spell f-a-t? I was explaining to Yankee that I was concerned that he might not be able to be with 2 of the girls due to his "weight gain". As you can see in the picture I just got "the look" from him so I took his picture and moved on.

I know why I am sick. It is because I jinked myself by having a "pre-planned" special privilege day for this coming Friday because I am going to Amish Country to shop. A single, white, hard-working female with too many animals can never catch a break.
Did I tell you about my plans to raise Heritage Turkeys and buy a miniature Jersey cow?


Rayna said...

I want mini jerseys too! Miniature white parks are WAY cute too! Turkeys though...eee...They're dumb lol. I think I've had my fill of turkeys unless it's the thanksgiving kind :) Only had one turkey ever that was smart...a royal palm tom. He fell in love with an EE chicken (well, that was dumb, I guess lol) and she went to set, he guarded her. She hatched 6 or 7 babies (it's been a long time lol) and HE raised them for her so she could go off and set some more and get eaten by a fox (I'm sure that wasn't his intention, but she was dumb for getting eaten! Perfect pair! lol). It was so cute to see a huge tom turkey with 6 (or 7) half grown chicks under his wings...hehe ;)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I cannot believe there is gas that cheap on the continent -- please have them ship some of that cheap gas west!

Pat in east TN said...

Our gas is down to $1.99 and we can't even believe that, but your price beats all!!!

A miniature Jersey ... now that would be too cool, but I'm with Rayna on the turkeys .. dumb, dumb, dumb!!! Once was enough for me!

melanie said...

Well, I have to weigh in on the turkeys...not dumb at all! I've processed two so far, and they were around 9-10 lbs. which is fine for me, but a bit small. I attribute that to the fact that I totally let them free-range, and haven't intentionally tried to fatten them up with grain. The remaining few will be getting some, so we'll see what kind of an effect that will have.

They follow me around like loyal pups, and can even tell the color of the feed scoops apart; they know theirs is orange, so at least they don't leap unless they see that one specifically.

So now I know what you wanted a turkey for! I thought you wanted one to eat. Nature willing, I will have Bourbon Red and Narragansett babies in the Spring...we'll have to do a deal!

And I can't believe the gas! How are we supposed to believe we are not getting screwed by the oil companies when there are such different prices all over the country! They are stiffing us "rich" New Yorkers with $2.59 a gallon! (Sadly, we're happy about that...)

kristi said...

I totally agee on those white parks, but I have yet to locate a breeder close to me. I think I saw a breeder up your way in Montana...they are not cheap!

so I take it your area does not have any bargains....your eggs are looking good! Its so nice to have a ready supply to cook with.

Nice to hear from you...gas was around 1.99 in most places but I have seen it as cheap as 1.83!!

Yes! I am thinking turkeys for a the spring.....we can wheel and deal:) I shall start finding some cute decorations LOL!

Corinne R. said...

That picture of Yankee is hilarious! He does look like he is smiling a little, I guess he's fat and happy :-).

Tracey said...

Wow!! $1.86 that's great!
Hard to pick a favorite bum in that picture....they are all cute!!!!

Claire said...

I am definitely partial to the 2nd bum from the right. Love the caramel color and the tail that looks like it was dipped in cream. Having said that, I now realize I am hungry...

Lovely photos - am enjoying reading your blog!