Tuesday, November 18, 2008

S-N-O-W WAY!!!!!

Its a new day at Harvest Thyme and I am refocusing. I was hoping to focus on my school being closed this morning but not enough snow; actually there was no where near the snow at my school as there was at my house. My commute to school is approximately 50 minutes, give or take a few accidents, slow drivers, & what have you. This time difference often means a big difference in weather, particularly snow. The snow that there was at school had melted by the end of classes today. But not at my house, actually there was more snow when I got home.

ReRun is not the biggest fan of snow. He much prefers the couch with a fire going. Sometimes I have to literally give him a kick in the butt to go outside.
Okay maybe not a kick, but a toe nudge:)
Monique (the black mini appy) and Speedy were taking the snow in stride. They are definitely looking fuzzier these day and I believe that look means, "Its about time you got home to feed us." Grain time is like clock work for them, gosh forbid I am late.

Its amazing how some snow changes the appearance of the big barn and the chicken coop.
This morning I learned that metal chicken waters freeze quickly and you can't kick them like you can kick a horse bucket. Tonight I am bringing in the chicken feeder to avoid "fowl" language tomorrow morning.

The chickens must be depressed about the snow. They were cheap and I only got 1 brown egg today. Though yesterday I got 4 green eggs.
I wonder if there is enough snow to make a snowman?


Pat in east TN said...

Your place looks so beautiful and peaceful in the snow. We had just a dusting of snow this morning with flurries all day, but my gosh the winds were something else and the actually temp only got to 31!!

In reference to Holmes Co ... have you ever thought of transferring and teaching down that way!?!?! LOL Now wouldn't that be a hoot and a BIG change for you.

Tracey said...

I hope you are feeling better today. The snow looks so pretty!
We are having a freeze here tonight. Poor Rerun :(
Fowl language......LOL!!!!

Deb said...

The snow looks so beautiful ~ only snow flurries here so far. I'm anxious for our first snowfall. My kids think I'm crazy :)

Your place looks so adorable with the snow and your critters....I'm sure it's so comforting to get at home at the end of the day.

Glad your feeling better ~

Pamela said...

This side of Clinch Mountain, we got some big fluffy flakes yesterday, but nothing to stick (thank goodness! Pretty to look at, a pain to feed in) Of course, Maa-Maat took one look at it when it started and came running into the barn. Little Princess doesn't do rain or snow...basically, she's Non-Precipation.

Loved the "fowl language" remark. And you place does look gorgeous with the snow.

Kara said...

I love your chicken coop! I enlarged the pictures to get a better look and every time I went to close the picture it closed your blog on me! But I am back to leave a comment. You can get heater stands to put the waters on. I was caught completely unprepared for this snow, I thought I had a few more weeks at least. It was 65 degrees last Thursday! Today I am going to price the heaters, I will let you know if I find a good deal. Yes we get the lake effect but are on the southern edge of the main belt that goes across the state, so often we just miss the most of it. Not this time, a nice northern wind brought it right to us. My yearling is going to Big Prairie. Your minis are too cute! Have a good day!

Tammy said...

No snow here, thankfully. My commute is about 45 minutes too (35 if everybody stays out of my way! ;-), but usually the weather is similar. However last year we had 8" at my house and nothing over here where I work. It was a bit embarrassing to call in and say I couldn't make it! I did manage to get out in the afternoon once the roads were plowed, and I took a little baggie of snow and threw it at my co-worker's and their smirky faces when I came in! ;-) I did get allot of teasing about the 'snow' I got. If I didn't have to drive on the stuff, I'd appreicate it more, I reckon.

kristi said...

Holmes Co. is beautiful but it would be a HUGE pay cut & as I have my MA & 15 yrs in the district, no can do. It was 24 degrees this morning....I need more long johns for xmas!!!

Better today, though my mom now has my cold. There was a lot of rain before we got all the snow and I had not brought in all of my terra cotta pots/decorations...the birdbath is now defrosting in the basement:)

I can't believe OH beat you out in the first snowfall...maybe you'll be the last to get the last snowfall of the year. Yesterday when I was feeding, I always find peace in the animals eating in the barn with the snow falling outside....I would never want to loose that feeling:)

so good to hear from you...I miss seeing your posts!! I have 2 goats that freak with snow and rain...gotta respect them:)

The temperature swings are ridiculous! The chicken waterer was even froze when I got home!! I am going to check out where Big Prairie is...never heard of it! I would be honored by the way to come to your house one day:)

co-workers so just don't get it. This year I am going to send digital pics as evidence. I hate it even more when I drive 50 minutes to work and the person who lives 15 minutes away calls off due to snow....now that sends me over the edge!

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
I have something for you at my blog.