Monday, November 3, 2008

Raining Leaves

Yesterday this maple tree was a beautiful yellow color. Today around 5:00 this evening a light steady rain fell over the farm lasting about a half an hour. It was just enough to blow many of the leaves off the tree and provide a feast for the sheep and goats. It was too funny watching them try to eat as many leaves as they could as the leaves fell to the ground or got hung up on the fence.
Lil' Pumpkin was completely content doing her own thing, oblivious to the leaves that clung to her wet little fleece.
I guess its those little things that seem so simple but warm the heart for those of us that love our sheep and take the time to notice them.


Tracey said...

The pictures are soooo pretty!
Lil' pumpkin is just that...what a cutie!!
It is the little things! My son thinks I am weird sometimes (well, in all honesty I think he thinks I am weird all the time) cause the littlest things make me so happy! He is just too young to get it yet I guess.

Nancy K. said...

Your yard is SO cute! The first picture reminds me of a park or a playground full of children playing. Lil Pumpkin is adorable...


Deb said...

What a cute bunch of critters Kristi! Lil Pumpkin is adorable with the wet leaves adorning her coat.

I let my little guys out today to graze on the big lawn and eat the leaves. It was another beautiful fall day and they were so happy.

kristi said...

Its just a guy thing! One day if your ever up in this area you'll have to stop by!!

Thank you Nancy! Pumpkin has taken over in my heart as she is so small & just her own little person out in the barn. She was born the last week of June & she is no more than 15#!

The sheep & goats love the maple leaves so I often rake the leaves up and give them as a treat! As I was telling Nancy, Pumpkin is just becoming a little sweet heart!