Friday, November 14, 2008

A November Day in Amish Country!!

I refused to let my 2 week cold get in the way of my pre-planned special privilege leave day and the weather was suppose to be overcast but "warm". So after morning chores, my Mom & Dad came over and we were off to Amish Country. Much to our liking, the further south we drove it got warmer & sunnier, like 66 degrees and full sun.!!
Our first stop was Herschberger's Truck stop where I got 2 loaves of fresh white bread which was so fresh the bag had steam in it; 2 very large packs of equally fresh cinnamon rolls (one for me & one for my neighbors Dave & Wanda); peanut butter cookies for my friend with benefits ( I traded the cookies & 2 blocks of Swiss & Colby cheese for him changing my oil & a new air filter:); & buttermilk pancake mix & 2 packs of brown gravy.
Then we went to Keim Lumber in Charm.

This is the most awesome lumber place.....well actually they have a lot of home improvement stuff. So I got a new furnace filter, a new pruning saw, weather strips for the front door, 3 new air deflectors for the heat vents because certain 4 legged animals in my house chewed up my last 2, and then a pack of clear light bulbs for the bathroom light fixture. My Dad is actually obsessed with this place so last year for Xmas I had to buy him an official Keim Lumber shirt:)

Now speaking of obsessions, my Mom and I are totally obsessed with Country Gatherings Primitive Store in Berlin. This place sends my mind into overload. I have never been in a place quite like it. If you love primitive decorations and Early American decor this place is just fabulous. I snapped some of these photos outside because it was such a beautiful day. As you can see, they have some very nice outdoor decorating ideas also:)

Lots of Christmas ideas popping up to.......enlarge the picture to see those too cute snowman!

Just way too many ideas for decorating the yard and gardens at home!!!!!!

This is one of the most beautiful creations I have ever you see the sheep in there??!!
Please enlarge to see this!!!
Seriously, I have to have it.......seriously I could not afford it.....maybe Santa will bring it for me:)

So after the decorating overload Mom, Dad, and I were off to get lunch & buy some food. Mud Valley Creamery is just down the way in Walnut Creek.

This place has an excellent meat counter, lots of cheese (for the friend w/benefits), lots of bulk food so I got 3 pounds of bacon (it was $2.29#!!), an English roast, a pork roast, a cottage ham, the cheeses, frozen fries, & misc. bulk stuff.

Another neat view from inside.....enlarge the picture to see all the cool decorations above the meat counter:) We had lunch there also. Then we went up to the Ashery, my favorite bulk store. Sugar, pretzels, Smores mix, pumpkin seeds, noodles, baking ingredients, snacks mixes.....$39 dollars later but lots to eat:)

I thought this was a neat picture to end a much needed day off. I also bought a beautiful snowman/country barn picture that I promise to share with you soon. I always enjoy going for a ride down to Amish Country with Mom & Dad. Now I have more ideas for things that Dad can build for me like that 8 ft. ladder to hang my decorative linens on.......hint, hint for my birthday day:) Now, I think I need some of those Cinnamon rolls........


Tracey said...

Looks like a great day! I love the
Country Gatherings store....looks like my kind of place.
Have a great weekend! I hope you finally get rid of your cold!!!!

Pat in east TN said...

WOW Kristi, this was like a mini trip 'back home' for me!!! Sounds like you had a nice day away and that you got some neat, and yummy, stuff. Thanks for sharing ....

Nancy K. said...

No wonder your place is so cute!!

I have another award for you on my blog...

kristi said...

I am glad I took yesterday off because today is one nasty day up here in Ohio...I can actually smell food today:)

Your welcome!! It was a perfect day down in Holmes County...I have been food sampling all day:)

Yes, that store does have a lot of influence on my decorating ideas!!
I can't wait to get the garden fence up this spring:)An award!!??? I am on my way over:)

Deb said...

What a nice way to spend the day! So nice you had the chance to get away. Steve and I really need to take a trip to the Amish country and spend a few days there. I see the Country Gatherings store could really break the bank :)

Hope your feeling better.