Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last of the Fall Clean-Up

This morning the sun was shining & at least made for a more cheerful morning chore routine. Once I was done feeding everyone I started gathering up the last of the fall decorations to pack up and put in the attic or garden barn. I decided to toss the pumpkins in with the sheep and goats do they could amuse themselves.

Above and on the left is Lil' Country Acres Polly, a fawn kat ewe
and on the right is Windswept Savannah, a mioget ewe.
Lil'Country Acres Eliza is quite involved in her findings. That's Ethan, one of my black Cotswold wethers who is extremely wooly already.....I love his wool.....and he is a great hugger:) Silly Dixie is on the other side of the fence wondering what's up.

And then a whole new group needs to get into the action......such a simple thing that brings such pleasure to my wooly friends:)


Tracey said...

Ethan looks so cuddly!!
Did they eat the pumpkins or just play with them?

Deb said...

Everything looks so beautiful with the snow :) We haven't had any so far....they are predicting a little for next week. I would really like snow for thanksgiving.

Ethan is a big guy! They look like they are having so much fun with their pumpkins. We feed ours to the sheep as well. The cows love them too.

Hope you have a restful sunday-

kristi said...

The sheep love to eat the pumpkins!! This morning it was only 16 degrees so what is left of the pumpkins is quite frozen:)

It was quite the cold morning...the kind when you feel it in and on your nose!! I love snow the day after Thanksgiving, it sets the mood for the holiday season:) Ethan is a big boy and the most friendly guy, so is this brother Ira. ( I named after The Green Mountain Boys:) Both of their backs are almost as high (maybe 5 inches shy) as my miniature horses backs. They have the best personalities, not to mention the wool part.