Friday, November 28, 2008

I've Got Friends of All Kinds!!

I may have 5 days off but I have been very busy!! Packing up Fall stuff, getting Snowmen & Xmas decoration down from the attic, washing all the windows (inside & outside) so I can hang all my wreathes on windows with their new burgundy bows, running to the feed stores & TSC, eating & snacking, laundry, and I have been babysitting!! Let's get this straight real quick, I only babysit for 4 legged kids, not 2 legged.
My very good friend Shari went to Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving with her 2 sons and grandchildren so I became the babysitter. Lets see, she has 12 horses, 3 sheep, chickens, turkeys, 3 dogs, 8 goats, oh and don't forget the rabbit!! It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get everyone feed & watered....thank goodness she only lives like 4 minutes from my house! I thought I'd share my friends that I have been babysitting.

This is Miss. Tori.........a beautiful, and very large paint. Shari lost Tori's mom the day after Tori was born and raised her up from there. She really has no concept of how big she is but Shari does a wonderful job with her. But she was bad on Wednesday and kicked her Dutch door down that goes to the overhang. Perhaps she thought she could get away with something with me:)

This is Madera, a POA/Appy mix. She is really becoming a nice girl and just got back from 2 months of training. Those are some of the mini's. There are a total of 10 miniature horses on her farm.

Above is Kizzy.....the farm greeter. She is a total sweetheart and always brings me "something" when I come over, probably because she knows she is going to get a bone from me. On Thursday morning there was a frozen shoe stuck to the driveway. I figured she had gotten it somewhere but when I unstuck the shoe I found a check that Shari left me because she insisted on paying me for taking care of the animals........the check was quite wet. Shari told me this morning that she had left me a check in a shoe on the porch and I told her Kizzy had found it for me already!!

These are my new friends, the Baby Southdowns......are they not a treat?!! They crack me up!!

How can you not smile at these faces??!!! :)

Dixie insisted that I show you her friends also. These are her Alaskan Malamutes friends that live right behind us. Left to right is Tundra, Nikita, and Kodiak. Sometimes Dixie is found running around with them inside the fence. One day I could not find her. That was because she was inside with Dave watching TV on the couch!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and getting in the spirit of the holiday season.
Sharing it with friends is always the most heart warming!!!


Susan said...

Tori is gorgeous, mmmmm you sit horses LOL. Just kidding. Ivy says she really likes Dixies friends. Oh, be glad you didn't enter Tallmadge, "you know who" was judging and the other "you know who" was ringside!!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'll bet there's a whole bunch of us who wish you lived close enough to "babysit" - I know I do! You are a rare and valuable commodity. :-)

Tracey said...

What pretty babies you are sitting for!

Pat in east TN said...

What a neat array of 4 legged kids your friend has and how lucky she is to have you to 'babysit'.

I see snow in the background, and is that a frozen pond too? Here in east TN we jump from cold, wintery days to almost spring like ones ... yee gads, my daffodils are coming up!!! Talk about confused!!!

Enjoy the rest of your time off.

Christy said...

What nice babies to be watching! The southdowns always make me smile. I need to find a babysitter.

Pamela said...

I guess TN is too far to commute to feed, huh? :)

I love the little southdowns! I have a white wether (Happy Jack for obvious reasons...) but did not know they came in brown!

Oh great. Another "must have" to add to my list of sheepy dreams.

(Pat, someday you have to come over the mountain for a visit! Maybe on one of our spring-ish days.)

kristi said...

Dixie says "Darn, she missed her putting her hands all over her:)" Miss Dixie has totally blown her coat out, its the most she has ever blown. We went to Petsmart & Tractor Supply on Friday & 8 people said she was the cutest Australian Shephard they had ever's your sign!! She wants a T-shirt that says,"I am a Cardigan Corgis!"

It is so hard to travel with all the animals & it is nice to be able to count on someone to help!

You need to come up and learn how to babysit too!!

Yep, that pond is frozen...not really thick but a frozen layer on top! Today was nice..40 with full sun!

A babysitter & a good vet. is a must when getting farm animals!!

I think she got that black baby down in Kentucky...closer to you!! Hint, Hint:)