Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Beautiful Start to November!

I can't remember having such a beautiful start to the month of November!! I know it will not last but for today and the next few days the weather is just going to be delightful:) It was nice this morning to get an extra hour so I spent the morning taking down Halloween decorations and taking some pictures around the yard.

Above is my new porch decoration for the month of November!
A morning shot of everyone eating.

The first rays of sun on the barn and the goats getting ready for their morning sun bath!

These maple trees are just starting to really show their colors!

This is Sweet Pea, my 8 mo. old LaMancha doe that was born here in March. She is getting good at her balancing routine and likes to take a sampling of maple leaves when I let her out.

As you can tell, Sweet Pea eats well! She is really turning out to be a nice doe.........
who occassionally like to get her picture taken. I hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful weather this first week of November cuz you know what is coming next!!!!


Nancy K. said...

Your pride in your place is heartwarming ~ and MUCH deserved! It is always so fun seeing how you've decorated recently. ;-)

Yes, Sweet Pea does, indeed, look to be quite well fed.

We're also getting this wonderful "Indian Summer". I'm heading out to take pictures of some of the sheep for potential buyers...

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

The Zifcheck's said...

Nice pics on such a beautiful fall day. Had fun at the clambake yesterday. The food was excellent...Bob is such a good cook and there was soooo much to snack on!!

Well this week will finally bring an end to all the political junk mail and junk phone calls and junk knocks at the door. We are going to vote mid morning and hope it isn't crowded. Kristi.....WHERE are you going to vote???

Whew.....I am so glad it will be over!!

Tracey said...

Love the pics of your place....the one of everyone eating breakfast is cute! Sweet Pea is a doll too :)
Happy November!!

Jenny Holden said...

Lovely photos, and I like the idea of the "window box for all seasons": nice touch :o)