Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Virtual Fall Trip to Vermont!

With autumn making its presence in the air, I thought today I would take a virtual tour of my Fall trip to Vermont last October.

My parents & I stayed at the Arlington Inn in Arlington. This picture captures only a small portion of the beauty of the Inn. The room we had is the one with the porch & chair on it. Because we were there during peak fall foliage, it was expensive......$275 a night but you know it was so worth it & it was a gift for my mom & dad. There is a beautiful garden atrium/breakfast area off the back of the house also. We stayed there for 2 wonderful days!
This was a beautiful New England Church we saw along the Battenkill River area.

I fell in love with Bennington Pottery!! They carry beautiful clay pottery. The inside of the story is so unique & there are so many awesome pieces to choose from.

This was a wagon display outside the store.......such a festive autumn creation!

These are some of the Bennington Pottery pieces I came home with. I am hoping to add to the collection with plates & cups, slowly becasue it is a tad expensive. My dad made the shelf to hold my new collection & the wool sheep are compliments from my mom! My dad has a wood shop at his house & makes some beautiful pieces of furniture.

One of the many covered bridges Vermont is famous for!

This was one of the mountain river passes we found....I wish I had an audio to let you hear the beauty of the whole experience.

We got to visit the home of Robert Todd Lincoln......I have so many pictures of the place but I thought this one captured the grandeur of the house & gardens the best!

The day we went driving around there was a hazy that covered many of Green Mountains & I just could not capture the awesome display of colors falls but I tried my best. I still think all my animals & I would look good with a cute little farm house & some barns nestled right in the valley of this picture!

Next summer my parents & I are planning to take a trip back up to Vermont.
Until then I dream on...............


Tracey said...

Beautiful scenery!! Sounds like y'all had a great trip. I've never been to Vermont.....someday!!
Hope you are having a great weekend :)

melanie said...

Well, let me invite you were just a few miles from my fact I recognize more than one of those photos!

I, too, like the Vermont pottery line you displayed...why, I can show you the outlet Vermont Pottery outlet store! I've gotten myself several pieces there...

Come winter, I'll take some more virtual tour pictures for you - just so you can get an idea of Vermont in ALL it's glory!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Awesome! Thank you! I love pottery, covered bridges and white churchs. Thank you!

Pat in east TN said...

I've been to Vermont and it is a beautiful state. Are you going to "Charm Days" this week end?

kristi said...

You have come north for the Fall!!

I can't go to Charm Days:( I have to go to a seminar! End of October I will head down for more horse feed & hit the Ashery!

I am cutting & saving your invite & holding you to those winter pics! I so envy where you live!!