Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Thyme to Vent

This has been a very long week. My grades are due this Thursday; school is closed on Tuesday for election day but I have to be at professional development all day for teachers; I have a Teaching History Seminar Saturday morning at Cleveland's PBS television station; on Saturday I also have my sister's & brother-in-law's annual clambake which I will be attending with my friend w/benefits (I hate clams but I like the chicken & potatoes).
Side Note: One year when he & I went to a clambake, I decided to try clams but my stomach reaffirmed that I did not like clams & on the way home I got "very sick" in his brand new Dodge Ram truck which he promptly stopped & made me get out to barf my guts out on the side of the road, the road that we lived on....what is up with men & their trucks??? A little barf never hurts anything.....okay well it was a white truck but hey where was his compassion for me??? Well, at least he let me ride home in the front seat & not in the bed of the truck:)
But anyways, back to my today I had to run around after school.....I had to go to my favorite store to buy all my food & a really cool "snowman" hanging ($106 dollars later at that store!!!); then to Dillard's department store to the Clinque counter; then to the feed store which then meant when I got home I had to unload all the stuff I bought plus the 2 bags of chicken feed, the 4 bags of sheep feed, a bag of horse feed, a bag of rolled oats, & of course the 50# bag of bird seed because I do have like 6 feeders in my yard....what is that like 500 some pounds of feed??? And I still need to stop at the pet store tomorrow!! I started laundry tonight; I should be grading papers now but I am fried out on school; I am sitting on the dog pillow typing because my 3 dogs are sleeping on the couch; at least the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend; I have a seminar to go to this Thursday; another Teaching History seminar at Ashland University on next Saturday; I got paid today & I already feel poor; I am sure I am forgetting something else I have to do but for now I am going to attempt to read some of my new Hobby Farm magazine without falling asleep:)

Another sign made by mom which hangs next to my bed:)


Deb said...

Boys and their know you were really lucky that he didn't make you ride in the back!

When do you ever have any free time? Yikes - you are one busy gal! Hope you can get a little R&R this weekend.

Love the sign :)

**the socks are very fun to make. I didn't dye the yarn for the ones I made but it would be fun to hand dye small amounts of handspun and make these socks from our own sheep.
As if you aren't busy enough, I'll send you the pattern and you can knit a pair for yourself, hint....hint... :)

Tracey said...

I know what you mean about the truck thaing and about the poor thing too!
Man you sure are one BUSY girl....I am tired out just reading all that!
Hope you get some "me" time :)

kristi said...

that would be wonderful if you could send me the pattern. I do have much more down time in the winter, though I am tutoring after school nov-march 2 days a week for 2 hours per day BUT it is $25.50 an hour per kid, they get 28 sessions & I have 8 kids....serious extra money that I can not say no too:) Thanks for always coming by...I enjoy your comments & new friendship:)

I am trying on the me time....I'll find it "somewhere":)

Tammy said...

Sitting on the dog pillow? Oh, that is priceless! How well they train us lowly humans. :-)