Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Thyme of Change.......

The good witch of Harvest Thyme would like to share some of the changes that are occurring....

This week there have been noticeable changes in the maple trees..........

The boys have noticed a change in their living arrangements..........

they now have been moved to the "catch-all barn". This barn is used as a birthing barn, baby barn, and a barn to hold very flirty boys just wanting to have some fun!

Of course, they are not understanding why they have been moved from all the fun!
They can act & look so pathetic.....its like I have crushed their little world!
And then changes have taken place in the garden, plants dieing back, some color changes.....almost looks a little "scary"! LOL
I can't believe the changes in the girls! They have gotten so big since April & I have been getting 4-6 eggs a day! Last Sunday I got 9 eggs in one day!! Egg business is looking good.....perhaps it will help me pay my taxes instead of someone elses!

And of course the biggest change is how big the lambs have gotten....silly girls are still trying their hardest to get their noses through the fences to get that grass on the other side!
But the biggest change is coming next month when I turn......oh its so scary I can't even type how old I am going to be!


Christy said...

It is starting to look a little like fall here. Not too much yet.

Pat in east TN said...

It's very fall like down here ... temps have dropped significantly with no/little humidity, colors are starting to show themselves and should peak within a few weeks.

What date next month is the big day your turn ____??? Mine is the 20th, but I've passed so many age milestones it doesn't even effect me anymore!! LOL

Tammy said...

Is it the big something O? :-) Fall is slow to come here this year. Our temps are cooler, but the trees aren't changing much at all. I just set up the breeding group this morning, and you'd think I had killed everybody by the way they were acting. They don't like disruptions to their flock thats for sure!

kristi said...

Thank you for stopping by! I know you must be so busy getting ready for the big move. I can't wait to read your blogs & how your farm starts to take hold! I know how excited you must be! You are going to love the Nigerians when you get them...I think they are much more personable than the pygmies though I love my LaManchas a lot:)

Tammy & Pat...
its Nov.30th....and its not the 0 one, its now the 1 with the 4 in front of it:(

Tracey said...

Yep, It's definitely looking like fall there.
Sorry you are having a not so good week. 3 fights...Is that a common thing at your school?
Did you see my comment on an earlier post about the pumpkin man your mom made?
I was wondering if I could pay her to make me one? I just LOVE him!!
Take care :)

Kara said...

Hey I just noticed I was supposed to copy and add the "I love your Blog" award to my blog, so I did. Thanks again. I think I did it right: I saved it and then added it as a picture under gadgets. I guess I should take time to figure out some of those other gadgets one of these days. I love that gulmoget ewe lamb, tell her to stop calling my name, I am going to hold out for a polled ram lamb next year.

melanie said...

OK...there's some knid of fate working'll never guess what day is my birthday...yep, that's right!

You know this already...but here's the official notice - you've been tapped! Go check out my blog...

Love, your twin sister

kristi said...

I swear I did hear your name the other day...must have been the wind:) Don't worry about figuring this blogging stuff out cuz I am so slow to get it:)

My mom is looking for the pattern as she made those 4 years ago! If she can't get it this about next Augustish? She was so pleased that someone liked her stuff!

okay so what are the odds of that happening??!! But you didn't tell if your 1967 too??? Wow! So where are we going for our birthdays?:)

Tracey said...

Whenever she is able...this year or next...I would love it!!
Glad she is pleased :)
Have a great weekend,