Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag......I Am It!

I have been tagged by newly found twin sister Melanie over at Wee Farm. Since we had no idea of our sisterhood until yesterday, she is tagging me to find out 6 "interesting" things about me..............I had to think about this because I live by myself with only my animals and the conversation tends to be very biased on certain subjects, well maybe all subjects.
However, after some discussion a number of things came up.
1.) I love my dogs! They are truly my best friends. We are together all the time & they totally
put up with all my silliness..........for example Dixie lets me dress her up for a photo.

These are my beagles.......that's Squirt in the front. He really is an attention deficit dog, a total sweetie but oh boy does he have a deaf ear when he is out in the field! And that is ReRun, the red beagle. Total sap dog, excerise is not a priority with ReRun & he always is taking my slippers outside!! Oh, and for those of you reading this, they are NOT FAT......the politically right way to say it is "they are weight challenged"!

2.) I live for Coke & anything chocolate chip!!! A common breakfast at 7:oo am while I
am driving into school is a can of Coke & chocolate chip cookies, actually 2 chocolate pop tarts
really kicks me into high gear & history surely is exciting to my 8th grades at 8:00 in the
3.) I love barns & decorating for all the seasons!!! I probably could decorate 3 houses
with all the stuff I have......its like an addiction. If you enlarge the pic you can find all the
little decorations:)
4.) I love demin blue & Birkenstocks!!!! These are my 3 favorite pairs of Birks & my
favorite demin fall shirt. I worked in retail for over 15 years & always in the shoe dept.
Actually, I worked at Dillards for close to 10 years. Shoes are a serious issue with me......
close to 50 pairs......but I always go for the Birks! Oh, the bench was painted for me by my
mom!!! I love having a creative mom.....I did not get the painting gene however:(
5.) I love the smell of candles in my house!!! And I have a lot of candles! My
favorite candles to burn are McCalls, I buy them down in Amish Country.
My current favorite smells are Hot Butterrum & Pumpkin Spice. That is my
new table that I bought at a craft show.....goes with the whole "I love barns"

6.) I have a potty mouth:( I saved this for last because my mom is always yelling at me
about it......I swear its because I work with junior high kids. I can cuss up a storm & not
even know I am doing it. I can use swear words as nouns, verbs, adjectives, & even an
adverb if I think about it. I do most of my swearing driving & at home:). And along with the potty mouth is this underlying sarcastic attitude.That is badddddd too.....but I never cuss at my students...( I just use a little sarcasim with them).

So, there you have issues. The dogs wanted me to also tell you that I refuse to eat, touch, or look at ground meat....barf!! Totally disgusting along with those nasty hot dogs....double barf!! But at least I am a total bacon nut & I "sometimes" share bacon with them! I am sure if any other issues come up, I will let my blog readers know....esp. my new twin, Melanie:)


melanie said...

It gets even worse...I love denim and Birks (currently shopping for my new pair!) Chocolate chip and Diet Pepsi (almost!) is a perfectly sane breakfast. I betcha my potty mouth is worse than yours...and I do like candles, but please, NO VANILLA!

Yeah, and ground beef makes me barf.

But as for the year...I can WISH it was 1967, but you have me by a few...mine is 1960.

Rayna said...

I think Pepsi (not diet, that's my *barf*) and anything chocolate is a perfect breakfast. Trying to quit the pepsi much easier to lose weight with those calories gone. And I bet my potty mouth tops both of you combined....My best friends are all guys and I out swear them all LOL. I've actually had a guy tell me to calm my mouth down...mwa ha ha haaa. Give me lilac candles, please. I like incense too, but I haven't used it in so long that I'm afraid I'll be allergic lol. Ground beef and pork are a top food group on my list though...Hamburgers and tacos for the win :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, Kristi, since Melanie and I already figured out we were twins, I guess that makes the three of us triplets! Well, maybe sisters, although I am much closer in age to Melanie than you. But I was swiped from my birthplace and raised by a polite-talking dietitian, so no potty-mouth here or pop and chocolate for breakfast. (I don't like pop; it makes me burp too much.) But chocolate and anything else -- or just chocolate, makes a fine meal ANY time of day! And the candle stash at my house is embarrassing. I should go light one now....

Pat in east TN said...

I'm with you on SO many things ... LOVE my dogs, although I only have 1 now, which seems really strange. Although I'm not into Coke/Pepsi, they make me burp too much too, I do love my chocolate, but not for breakfast. I find barns sooo cool and am always taking pictures of them, and I live in denim and Berkies and oooooh candles are my downfall. I have them stashed all over and go through spells of certain 'flavors'.

My gosh Kristi, you mom is SO talented ... that bench is totally awesome.

Pamela said...

Love your breakfast choice. Haven't tried the chocolate pop tarts, but I always make sure to set aside a few cookies to have for breakfast.

I'm also with you on the soda--I'm voting with Melanie on the diet part, though. Like my morning caffeine cold and fizzy and artificial as can be :)

I really love these "six things" tags--you get to know so much about people through them.

Tracey said...

Well congratulations on your new found family :) I will have to go check out her blog.
The beagles are cuties!!
My breakfast of choice is donuts and a coke zero (gotta save some calories somehere right?!)
I love seeing all your decorating and I LOVE the bench your mom painted!! Do you think she wants to adopt another grown daughter?? LOL
My friends say the way they can tell if I am REALLY mad is if I get a potty mouth. Then they steer clear or more likely just laugh at me :)

kristi said...

such a small world! Last summer when I was in South Carolina I was at a Birk Outlet in Charleston & got 3 pairs for $85.00! of course wearing a size 5 helps:)

Its gotta be COKE! A woman that can outcuss a guy gets props!

Wow! All of us on Nov. 30th! Boy,
a dietitian would have a field day with me!

kristi said...

I will let my mom know you like her work, you should see some of the furniture my dad has made. I'll have to post my spice shelf, a personal favorite!

you have to make a move to the hardcore stuff...NO DIET! Well, I think you should be tagged & post your 6 favorites!!!

Krisp Kreme those are deadly to the waist!! My friend Lisa has attempted adoption also. I keep telling my parents they should make & sell some of their crafts. Their house is totally pathetic esp. my dad's last piece of furniture!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

The doctors took me out a couple weeks early and left you two to incubate a bit longer; I was born on the 12th. :-)