Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pumpkin Sightings at Harvest Thyme!!!!!

Oh my, pumpkins have been popping up all week at Harvest Thyme!!!

Pumpkins have been sited in the flower gardens in the front yard.........

Pumpkins have been found on the flag at the garden barn............

And what is this.......a pumpkin on Speedy, my miniature horse? Oh my!

And a spooky pumpkin (that was made by my mom) was found hanging on a picket fence!

And would you look at that, a scary pumpkin hanging out by the cornstalks!

There were pumpkins even found by the birdhouse on the garden terrace!

A pumpkin has even staked its claim in a flower pot!

I believe these pumpkins think they are the stars of October.........for they were even found hanging out on the chicken coop!
And what is this? A fuzzy pumpkin?
Why, this is Harvest Thyme's Lil' Pumpkin!!
She is a black gulmoget, a twin ewe, & she has been named Lil' Pumpkin because she is just over 3 months old & I think on a good day after eating she might weigh 14 #, maybe. She is the littlest lamb born this summer but boy does she have a loud mouth when it comes to feeding time!
Did you really think I was not going to show you a lamb?
Gee, can you tell I really like pumpkins & autumn thyme?
Stay tuned because there have also been black cats sited at Harvest Thyme too.......


Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
I LOVE the pumpkin your mom made!!
It is so cute!!
Speedy looks like he is trying to figure out what's on his back.
It even felt a little like fall here in Fla today!
Take care,Tracey
By the way, Do you think you can teach me to french braid over the internet?? LOL

Kara said...

Oh I like Lit'Pumpkin! She is so cute and the friendly ones are the BEST! I love this time of year too. Themes are good...maybe it's a teacher thing.

Pat in east TN said...

WOW, you sure do have pumpkins everywhere!!! Too cute!! Do tell how you got Speedy to stand still while you took that picture?

38 here the past couple of mornings, and high 60's in the days ... perfect weather IMO.

Sometime you must list all the animals you have at Harvest Thyme ... I'm just curious.

Sharrie said...

I think I would have liked being in your class or having you for a collegue. Your students and your animals are lucky to have you.

kristi said...

okay, start at the top of your head with a normal braid, then with your left hand.....I think it would strange to celebrate fall in such a warm place like Florida, I like all the color changes:)

okay, I like themes, helps to keep me focused as I tend to do too much at one time:)

I had to be quick w/the pumpkin on Speedy, she tends to be opinionated on certain issues, bet you did not know that is HER BARN! I think the list would go like 13 cats, 3 dogs, 28 chickens, 3 horses, 30 sheep, 11 goats, and to name them all......

Thank you so much for such a nice compliment! My classroom is fully decorated, including the orange lights around the chalkboard, though they won't admit it, some
8th graders still like that stuff. Some of my kids just don't get that kind of stuff at home, inner city life can be quite different. Oh heck, I still have one or 2 that still think I'm Amish!!

Tracey said...

OK, Kristi I've got the braid at the top and my left hand is ready to what?? LOL!!
I guess I don't know any different being a Fla. native....but I bet the color changes are awesome. I've always wanted to go up in the fall and see the leaves changing.
I am really in love with the pumpkin your mom made, do you think I could pay her to make me one?

Pat in east TN said...

WOW Kristi, I sure didn't realize you had so many sheep and goats ... with everyone mentioned you sure do have a full house at Harvest Thyme. Awesome!!

Pamela said...

Lil Pumpkin is adorable!

I'm hoping next year I can talk the husband into planting some's just not right to have to go buy them!