Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plans for the Nigerian Dwarfs!!

Long ago, about 7 ish years ago I bought my first farm animal, a Nigerian Dwarf wether. His name is Cubby and I still have him today. I definitely liked the Nigerians over the Pgymies as I had seen one to many birthing issues at the vet. with the Pgymies. I have 3 Nigerian does, 3 wethers, and one buck. This past April after much waiting & trying to get the weather to cooperate, I was able to fly in my foundation buck. He was purchased from Flat Rocks in Texas. "Little Texas" did not come cheap but I did my research & he is out of good quality stock & is really turning out to be a nice boy with alot of personality. I am breeding all 3 of my does this year as Sosa has not been bred in 3 years & Summer & Sassy have never been bred and they are both 4 years old. I pray all goes smoothly with the girls. Sosa has kidded twice already ( I used my friend Lisa's buck) and is a great mom!
These are pictures of FlatRocks Little Texas, the picture above was taken last month & the one below I just took today. He is a sweet boy who enjoys playing with his girls!

Below is Sassy, doesn't she have the flashiest colors?! She was bred by my friend Lisa at Hoof Print Hill here in Ohio.

This is Sosa, (the black doe) also bred by Lisa. Sosa's favorite past-time is pulling wool out of the sheep. She just walks up & takes a pluck of wool:)

Sassy is on the left and SummerRain is one the right. Summer is one of Sosa's babies that was born at my house. Now Summer's favorite past-time is head budding my Cotswold wether, actually she will chase them around the pasture. She is also a gate dasher & often slips past me to locate the grain in the other barn!

One of the reasons I wanted to limit breeding the Shetlands is because I want to get my goats bred also. I am hoping to breed 2 of my LaManchas also. So anyway, just more planning and thinking out loud. Thanks to all of you who read about me and the animals over here at Harvest Thyme........temperatures are getting colder this week but I refuse to turn on the propane till at least November 1st!!!!


Tracey said...

Ohhhh, I love Sassy's colors....she is a Calico Goat :)

Kara said...

Those goats are very cute. I sent you an email yesterday too. Is your buck stinky? Angora goats are! I think my horned goats have to go, one Cashmere (Spanish Meat) and Boer goat. They are so mean to my Saanen and Nubian. I do like the dairy girls, but I wish they were smaller. You have the right idea.

Christy said...

Those are beautiful goats. A nigerian is the first animal I plan to get, well actually a couple of them.

Nancy K. said...

They even LOOK sweet! Do you/will you milk them???

kristi said...

I love the Nigerian size though for being a larger dairy goat, I actually prefer the friendliness of my LaMancha goats. I don't think I would want horns on the goats, I know my Nigerians love their heads rubbed all the time:)

you will like the Nigerians, the wethers of course are the friendliest. Tey are so much easier to work with esp with trimming feet. Though if you want a larger dairy goat, I so recommend the LaManchas:)

Yes, I am hoping to milk them...I so want to make goat fudge!! Maybe even try making soap or my "spare" time of course:)

Deb said...

They are so adorable!! I have pygoras - I would love to have a few nigerians at some point. Just what I need, a few more animals around here....Yikes :)