Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Take a Field Trip on a Drippy Day!!

The weather here in Northeastern Ohio has been really ugly the last 2 days so I refuse to post any outdoor pics as it is depressing. With the presidential election coming I thought I would share some beautiful pictures I took at Mount Vernon; the home of America's first President George Washington. Last year my 7th & 8th graders went to Washington D.C. & Mount Vernon. This year we will be going to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, & Monticello.

These colonial style gardens are just beautiful and an inspiration to the type of gardens I hope to have one day.
One needs a whole day to truly appreicate Mount Vernon. I have been there twice for field trips and I never tire of it and I always learn something new.

Pictured below is the main house and the kitchen area.
Mount Vernon is a piece of American history that everyone needs to see & appreicate......I think too many people have lost sight of what American values are and where they started.

On another note, I wanted to share with you my summer home in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Isn't this a magnificent home?

Okay, so I lied. Its not really my house but I sure won't mind having a house like this. Last summer I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks down in South Carolina on the Sea Islands & in Charleston studying the African Slave culture and the Great Migration.
It was an awesome opportunity.....and it was free through a Teaching American History Grant. I even got paid to go!!

The picture above is what I deem the perfect driveway to come home to. These Live Oak Trees with Spanish moss hanging from them are just breathtaking.........I feel a connection.....perhaps I was a Southern Belle in another life???

Okay, I don't have the dress on but hey, I could get use to coming home to a house like this!!


Tracey said...

My mom always feels like she is "at home" in Charleston. I think she was a sountern belle in a prior life too!!

Tracey said...


Deb said...

Thank you for the "field trip". I would love to visit Mt. Vernon someday and Charleston as well. I lived in NC for awhile and enjoyed that wonderful southern hospitality inluding the food!
I always thought it would be fun to play "dress up" and attend a big southern ball in one of those beautiful mansions and arrive by horse and carriage :)

Kara said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like a great trip. Snow on the ground here this morning. Yuck!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous pictures. And those gardens at Mt. Vernon look fantastic.

About the house--I guess I'm getting old, but nowadays when I think of living in a house like that, all I think about is how much dusting I'd have to do and how much work to keep it clean. :)