Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its About the "S" word.........

Its not the "S" word to describe my STUDLY polled ram Jedediah.......

Nor is it about the SIGN I SORT STOLE sometime long ago when I was ......
( I refuse to disclose any more information on how I obtained that sign:)
Nope, its not about the S@*# on the chicken feed barrel......
(center is my Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster who is flanked by 2 Deleware chicks)
And its not about the "STUFF" on my boots that the chickens like to investigate.

I wish it was about my SNUGGLING ewe lambs on this very cool & windy Saturday.

And it would even be nice if it was about the STATELY STALL view from the barn loft......

or even if it was about a SHEEPY SIGN that hangs on the big barn.

BUT NO, its about that darn "SNOW" word that is in the forecast this week!!!!!

And those cute little SNOWMEN that come along with that other bad "S" word!!! I SWORE I would not buy anything this year that was SNOWMAN related because I have a TON of it........but no, when I was at my favorite story this week this cute little SNOWMAN bench was just screaming my name at $5.99 and it jumped in my cart!! I did not want to start a scene so I simple just kept going like it never happened.

I believe I cursed myself by buying it because now the "S" word is in the forecast.
I guess I should sit on my new bench and think about what I have done to myself:)
I really need to learn how to control my shopping issues:)


Pat in east TN said...

I think I could look for a month of Sunday's and not find such cute/neat stuff that you do, and to boot it jumps into your cart!!! What in the world!?!?!?!

blondewahine said...

Aloha, from Hawaii. I was just hitting the next blog bar on the top of my blog to see what randomness would pop up and here you are with your sheep. I love it!!! And I see that you were watching dancing with the stars while grading papers and thinking about sheep. nice. i like your page and hope you might stop by to see mine sometime.

Kara said...

Oh he is Studly isn't he? Yep polled ram lamb, put me on the list. Is that flashy gully boy still intact. Maybe when my buyers come to get my yearling (it looks like Jan or Feb) I could ask if they minded bringing one this way for me. Let's talk more via email:)

Nancy K. said...

Thanks a LOT!

At least now we'll have someone to blame!

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness!!! The S word already!

Christy said...

Yuck, I don't like the S word. That is one reason we are moving to GA. I do like the picture of all your sheep in the barn.

Deb said...

Your bench is adorable.....I love snowmen and I love snow :) I have a big snowmen collection and have already started to display them in my home. My family isn't enthused. :)
My sheep all love the snow too......they run around and jump and spin and twist and act like they are lambs again when we get our first snow.

Beautiful pictures :)

kristi said...

When you make your way back up to OH will have to show you my store:)

thank you for stopping by!

The flashy boy is still intact & will stay that way:) I love the polled boys! Drop me a line...I am terrible about remembering to check email!

i know you must be excited about the move..Best wishes for a safe trip!

You are welcome...I think I saw some of it up your way on the Weather Channel!

I will send you some, some way, some how:)

I love them, esp. right after Thanksgiving and through Feb. but then they must be packed up!! I am sure your family appreciates your thoughtful decorating:)It never ceases to amaze me how the sheep will just lay in the snow perfectly content to enjoy the season! I love my sheep for the peacefulness they bring to the farm:)

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi,
Were you talking about the pickup truck song I had playing in the background on my blog?
If so It is "Pick up Man" by Joe Diffie.
Did you get your snow?

Pat in east TN said...

Yikes Kristi ... we have snow showers/flurries predicted tonight and tomorrow here!!! That is way toooo early for me.

Don't know when our next trip will come as it's always something that puts it off. Is the store in Berlin?