Monday, October 27, 2008

It Must Be the Weather! Wether?

Today's weather is nasty, rainy, cold, ugly, windy, & yucky! And on top of that it is Monday & Friday is Halloween and my students are already driving me nuts about the Halloween dance on Friday.....who else but 8th graders would be contemplating what to wear 4 days from now? Halloween is the biggest sugar rush of the year & being surrounded by hormone screaming junior high girls is a drink in the making.....too bad I don't drink; therefore I must have a Coke & Reeces Cup in one hand at all times. I already informed the girls that I have been practicing my dance moves as I watch Dancing w/the Stars every Monday........of course, they just roll their eyes at me like "Seriously, how could a 40 yr.old woman who lives in the country with a bunch of animals possibly know how to dance?" Little do they know about growing up in the 80's...........I was Michael Jackson's extra......okay well maybe Madonna' you know that last year one of the first graders dressed up as Madonna? You know I paid good money for clothes like that back then!!!! Well, anyways that was me just venting, must be the weather!!
Now I will get to my original post.
I thought I would start with a cheerful flag on such a drippy day seeing as it will only be up for a few more days!
The weather today forced the boys to eat inside their house. I love this lean-to as it has a loading shoot on the back so I can just drop the hay in and they can pull it through the bars as they need it....saves on a lot of wasted hay.

Speaking of wether, this is Hamilton above & below (on right). He was my first lamb every born on the farm. He is actually a black Cotswold/Shetland cross. By the middle of winter Hamilton's face will look like it is being swallowed in by his wool which is so thick it is ridiculous. In the picture below on the left is Windswept Harry Potter. Harry was my first Shetland (along with Betsy). I bought him as a wether because at the time I was not sure if I was going to like the Shetlands.......gee I wonder what happened!!!

Well, 2 weeks ago I was trying to decide on who to wether & who should stay intact. I decided that this little guy should stay intact & was not going to market. He ended up to be a smooth polled ram, no scurs at all. His fleece is wavier & smoother than Jed's whose fleece has an awesome crimp to it. I would still like to sell his little guy but till then he can stay here. He has been warming up to me & will even let me get in a nice under the chin rub. He is in my opinion, just too nice at this point to dismiss.
This will be Harvest Thyme's "Jackson".

And last but not least on the wether issue, I decided to wether this little black smirslet guy(pic below). He lost his one scur this week. He is working on his friendliness as he still thinks I am some "scary" person. I wish I could find a nice pet/fiber home for him. But if not........home this shall be. His fleece is interesting. I am wondering if he is double coated? His fleece is almost white underneath the top layer. Can you see what I mean in the picture below?
His little guy will be called Harvest Thyme's "Jasper"!

"Does this mean that if I am a wether,
I get to still play with the girls all year round?"


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I suspect Jasper is Ag and his fleece will eventually fade to a lighter color all over -- although some retain more color than others. As others told me when I got my first Ag lamb, "that lamb fleece is priceless!" (due to the lovely color variations). I'd say that smooth-polled ram is pretty valuable, too! Does his dam carry polled (or look to, in her pedigree)? Here some of us are trying so hard to produce full-polled rams, and you nonchalantly flaunt one on your blog. (Can you tell the green-eyed monster is fighting for control here? :-)

Tracey said...

Have fun at the dance!! They just have no idea waht kind of moves us "old gals" may have!!
I am a little melancholy this week as my "BABY" will be 20 friday.
I was doing a post earlier of pictures of him as a child and it made me cry!!

Tracey said...

I meant 'what' and I am losing it his birthday is sunday not friday!
Isnt your birthday coming?

kristi said...

you know I was thinking about that and I need to look more at the papers. That smooth polled is out of Jedediah and the dam is a kat ewe. The kat ewe was out of a kat ewe I got from Juliann and she was bred to Windswept Yankee, my horned mioget ram. I believe that Juliann's kat ewe was out of Underhill MacNeil. Believe me, I am just as surprised at what I got this year as I just let Jed. in with all the girls & never "really" thought about the whole genetics of this year I am thinking so I won't get what I want LOL. Thank you for the Ag info....I am so learning as I go!

I think these moments come up more frequently as age moves on us! I can't believe you have a son that is 20!! PS..its 11/30

Rayna said...

Yup, Michelle hit it on the head, you've got a little AG boy :) Have fun with the dance...