Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Kitties

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Harvest Thyme would like to wish everyone.........

of course this is one of my many fall decorations......can you believe that the black cat above is suppose to be a rug??? I think it looks much better hanging on my garden barn:)
Above is "CASPER", my very friendly kitty. Casper was a rescue from when I was working at the vet. This "cat breeder" brought 5 kittens in that were digustingly sick, loaded with coccidia, and just weak. Two died and the remaining ones were not looking good. She could not afford to keep them at the vet & was taking them home. It was not looking good for them. I asked her if I could have the sickest one so that I could give him the care he needed. She handed him over to me. Casper is almost 9 yrs old now. He is a Himalayan mix with beautiful fur, of course that would only be when he lets me comb him which is usually on rare occassions.......and he hates Jingles & Jangles.

This is Tabitha, my chunky kitty. Tabby is her own spirit & just likes doing her own thing. She came home with me when "I just went to the APL to get dog tags".

And last is my very "Spooky" kitty. Spooky one of my younger cats & though I do not support declawing cats, Spooky had the choice of staying in the house & declawed or living outside. He was the worst screen climber & one day climbed my screened in porch & somehow got into the overhangings and got stuck. It was not fun. He is a very shy kitty. He came to me via a friend who has very large horses & the mother cat took up residence in her barn w/her kittens. Spooky's littermate also lives with me but she is a Siamese.
I have lived in my house 15 years and have never had a trick-or-treater:( A number of my students said they would come to my house this year..........let me think about that............NO WAY!!! Tomorrow is the big sugar rush day at school and for the next week I will be dealing with candy wrappers in my room. But thank goodness Halloween is on Friday so the parents can have them for 2 days of the sugar rush!!
BOO, this will be my last Halloween post till next year! I will miss my favorite month!
Happy Halloween!!!!


Deb said...

Your kitties are lovely - our Sam kitty dissapeared a month ago. We really miss him :(

We live so far off the main road that we do not have trick or treaters either. I don't mind :)

Good luck tomorrow....

Happy Halloween!

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness, I don't think I can pick a favorite! Casper is gorgeous, but I do have a soft spot for calicos too!!
I don't think my son is dressing up this halloween, but two years ago him and some friends dressed up as "gay truckers" ?!! I may post that one tonight!

kristi said...

Never give up hope as Sam might come back:) My sister always laughs at me because I decorate my porch and birch tree with orange lights and no one sees it but my neighbor next to me and the maybe the neighbors in front if they look out their back windows....but I know my dogs love it:) Your stockings are so CUTE!!! Halloween went well today & the only person who slipped pop was me but I swear it was a ghost!

I so loved the picture of your "son"!! They look like a good group of guys having a blast! Casper says he is glad someone appreciates his good looks...he has one blue eye & one green eye!!

Tracey said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Halloween :)