Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Got Wool for the Fall Weather?

Northeast Ohio got its first taste of that Lake Effect weather as a very cool breeze & rain came across Lake Erie today. Tonight it should drop down into the 40's! This prompted me to think that I need to pull out my fall sweaters, turtlenecks, & warm socks for my boots. This is a little quote that I found that I thought I would share with you :

"The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from summer cottons into winter wools."
Henry Beston, Northern Farm

Of course this meant I had to pull out my totally favorite wool sweater! I bought it like 2 sizes too large because I love to wear turtlenecks under it. I got it from Woolrich 2 years ago & just live in it during the cool/cold weather!

Some of ewe lambs just wanted to let me know today that they are working on those winter wools too! They said they are a tad behind because they are summer babies but they should be good to go by November!


Kara said...

Thanks for all your nice comments today on my blog. Those are some very pretty girls you have there!!! I'm partial to the gulmoget. I was just checking out your "real time", aren't you curious who is visiting from other countries and how did they happen upon the blog. I had one visit from Sweden, who is visiting me from Sweden?!

Pamela said...

That little girl in the front--the one with the lovely dark face. She is GORGEOUS!

I am going to HAVE to get a shetland next spring. Don't know how I'm going to break the news to my husband, but it's got to happen. The only problem is with such lovely lucious do you pick just one?

kristi said...

those little girls are like the 3 amigos, always together:) That real time is crazy, I can't believe it either on how many people from other places visit me, kinda neat, kinda wild, but blogging does put you "out there":)

Oh yes! You have to get a Shetland!
You can't pick one so might as well start with a few!! Then when you add more, your husband won't see it as much cuz they will blend together:)

Pat in east TN said...

The past few mornings we've been down to 38 ... that is quite 'refreshing' after some of the recent warm weather we've had. For the next month or so the daily temps will flop around and we can go through several changes of clothes in one day ... crazy! LOL