Friday, October 17, 2008

Get Your Barn Pink On!!!!

It was just suppose to be a routine stop at TSC. Pick up the General Loose Minerals for the animals, get this week's Farm & Diary Newspaper, & the new issue of Hobby Farm magazine. But when I walked in, I saw them. Hanging there on the rack with all the other new winter work clothes. My heart raced as I walked quickly to the rack. They were pink, soft, durable, & so cute BUT crap, the coveralls were in the youth size. The womens coveralls were that typical, boring beige color....yuck. I picked up the beige ones, held them up to my 4'10 body.....even in the short size I could reroll them back up to my thighes. The discrimination I face in the clothing world!!! So, I turned back to those PINK ones, the ones that kept calling my name. I searched for the XL thinking maybe, just maybe, with a small prayer they would fit. I found the size, held them up.....there was potential. The only obstacle would be the butt, darn the butt!! I walked over to the fitting room, my heart racing. I shut the door, kicked off the shoes and tried the coveralls on.......................

They fit!!!! Are you flippin' kidding me!!??? There was plenty of room all over, even in the butt!!! It was my lucky day!!! The length was perfect, no rolling to be done......and they are PINK!! No boring beige.....won't the animals be excited for me!!!!!! Of course, I bought them, a mere $44.99 but pure excitement.......priceless!!! And who in the heck less is going to wear pink coveralls? Oh, I did get the other things I originally went to get at TSC........but I am thinking I should go back and get the matching coat:)

Now which pair of boots should I wear with my new pink coveralls?????
So many issues for a single hobby farm woman!

I am wondering which one of these handsome boys
is going to tell me how awesome my new pink coveralls are...............????

I am thinking Johnny is saying," she better not even think of buying me a pink halter!"


Christy said...

Oh, those are the best! I'm in love. I may have to get myself a pair, youth size should fit me, I'm only 5'2".

Sharrie said...

You are right. They are awesome. Somehow color just does it. I have cherry red insulated coveralls from TSC, and they are special just because they are red. The sheep will love them.

Tracey said...

Cute overalls!! Perfect time to wear them too - Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!
Ok, If you see how many visits I've made here on your tracker tonight don't think I am stalking your blog here's why:
1. first I had to come leave the Purple Rain Comment
2. Then I needed to come back and see how many dogs you had and their names
3. Then I had to come back so I could link to you for my post
4. Now I am back AGAIN to tell you about the post.

My dogs have tagged yours to do a post. Come on over and check it out. It should be fun!!
:) Tracey

Pat in east TN said...

It's like those coveralls had your name written all over them! How neat is that that they fit you perfectly too!! As for the boots, well guess you'll just have to wear them as to which ever suits your fancy that day, but please don't buy Johnny a pink halter ... he looks too stressed over the thought of that. LOL

melanie said...

What awesome overalls! Personally, I am in the market for a white pair, since I have the winter work clothes taken care of...

I would wear those with the plain tan Tims. I am assuming they are Timberlands, what with you teaching in the city, I know the kids wouldn't want to see you in anything less, at least that's the way it is in Albany!

How comforting to know I would finally tower over someone! At 4'10" you are just the right size, since I come in at 5'2". Now we have to hear from Michelle. She probably towers over we would make an interesting "family" line up.

You've inspired me to at least go peek...I have been putting off a trip to TSC in Bennington and trying to watch my budget, but oh, heck...this is getting hard!

kristi said...

I think I heard those coveralls calling your name!!

Its funny how just alittle color can make barn chores fun!

The dogs will get on it this weekend!!

yes Johnny stresses over those little things in life...wait till my 3 yr. old sees my I know what she is gonna want for Xmas!

Correctly spoken, teachers wearing Tims earns status points! I am jealous, how fun that you can just drive over to Bennington!! I am very jealous! But TSC had alot of good stuff & the new Hobby Farm mag. has an article on Heritage Turkeys..its like they are calling my name!!

Tammy said...

So stylish in the barnyard! It's important on those grey, dreary winter days to find what color we can to boost our spirits! ;-) You might want to take it slow though--the critters might be overwhelmed by your..pinkness......;-) I bought one of those sleeveless fuzzy zip up jackets at a yard sale to use for this time of the year. Only it's bright red. "They' say animals are color blind, but it was sure freaking the sheep out. The ewes in the breeding group totally flipped and acted like I was some savage beast on the rampage. Jeff and Cal (ram and wether) wouldn't even come NEAR the fence not even for cookies! I guess they just couldn't take all that fashion and style.. ha...