Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 2 of Sheep Thinking!!!

This is day 2 of my thinking about my sheep......its not like I have a thousand things to do but since I am multi-tasking (I am grading papers while loading pics into blogger, & watching Danicing w/Stars at the same time....gosh how wonderful it is too be a multi-tasker:) I thought I would share my ideas with anyone who cares to read, and maybe even comment.

This is Lil' Country Acres Jedediah Smith, my full-polled black gulmoget.
He will be bred to.........
Windswept Savannah Grace. Savannah is a mioget & produced a solid moorit ewe & the little black gulmoget pictured with her when she was bred to Jed. this past breeding season.

Jed. will also be bred with Windswept Betsy Ross (pic. above). A musket ewe, I think she is Ag, not sure. Betsy produced a black smirslet scurred ram lamb & a yuglet ewe which I very sadly lost last month. I pray that this breeding repeats itself:)

The other ewe Jed. will be bred with is Harvest Thyme Miss Mum. She produced a moorit sokket ewe w/a white blaze on her face (see yesterday's pic) & the flashy ram in the pic above.
Keep fingers crossed for a serious repeat on this breeding:)

Last year I did not use my horned Shetland ram, Windswept Yankee Doodle, a mioget yuglet (pictured on the right, thats TJ, my black Cotswold ram on the left).

Yankee will be bred with Sheltering Pines Spirit. Spirit produced that too cute ewe lamb next to her when she was bred with Jed. last year, but I really want to see what will be thrown when breeding the 2 yuglets..........any takes on the offspring?

This is Lil' Country ElizaJane, a fawn katmoget. She was actually bred to Yankee 3 years ago & produced 2 fawn kat ewe lambs, one that was also spotted. I have both of the girls still here as thye were my first ewe lambs born on my little farm. All 3 of the ewes have BEAUTIFUL fleeces. This pic does not do her a lot of justice but she is a nice, compact ewe, little flakey but a great mom.
So, I think that's it. I might add one more in the mix but I am still undecided. I think I have made the right decisions. Its a small group but it should produce nice quality lambs. I know repeat breedings are no guarantee but I can still pray and hope:) I know that I am breeding my horned ram even though I want to go in the direction of polled lines. Yankee is a nice quality ram, though a tad overweight. I only used him once and I just want to see what else he will produce. Actually, the one kat ewe that he produced was bred to Jed. this year & produced a fully polled black ram lamb which is very nice, of which I refused to wether or send to auction/market.
So, in closing out this train of thought on sheep, I would like to show you 2 updated pics of my lambs born this summer.
I just love Autumn Blessings markings, they are so unique! Her mom, Abigail, is one of the twin kat ewes that Yankee produced 3 years ago.

And then there is my little Jammer........
still a sweetie and hopefully a producer of flashy babies next breeding season!!


Tracey said...

Sounds like the Dating Game for sheep :)

I have a surprise for you on my blog tonight!


Rayna said...

Concerning Betsy Ross...Musket = AG. And she's got the tell-tale sugar lips :) Looks like you got some spots comin next year! :) It's good to have a plan :)

kristi said...

Thank you for your comments...you are always so upbeat & I enjoy hearing from you...everyone just seems so "quiet" out there in the sheep realm. Thanks for always stopping by:)

well, if I am not dating at least someone should:) Thanks for the my Prince fix...people might find that odd, but who cares:)