Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cat Photo of the Day!

Jingles found the perfect place to enjoy some of the wonderful autumn sun yesterday
even take in some of the Halloween decorations!!

Jingles & his brother Jangles started hanging out at my house about 5 ish years ago. They were pretty friendly from the start so my best guess is that some fool dropped them off on the country road......a common option for "responsible" pet owners who decide to get rid of their disposable pets. I am glad that they found their way back to my house as I have an 750 ft driveway! They are my outside cats as my inside cats voiced a lot of opinion when I tried to bring them in the house. So Jingles & Jangles have a very nice cat house on my front porch, a bench on the front porch w/cushions, the Martha Stewart furniture on the screened in porch to relax on, and 3 barns to mouse patrol. Though Jangles has been known to find more interesting things like a field rat or best yet the bat that he left for me last summer on the porch! In return they get a can of cat food in the morning plus dry food at night. Oh, and both are vaccinated & participated in the Bob Barker spay & neuter program!


Tracey said...

Oh I LOVE the name Jingles!! My best friend growing up had a kitty named Jingles. Jingles and Jangles is even better!
They were lucky to find you!!
I can't fathom people dropping off animals like that!!
Love the bed he found...hopefully there weren't any flowers in there :)

Pat in east TN said...

How blessed are Jingles and Jangles that they found you ... long driveway and all!!! When we lived on our farm, which was very rural, 'summer people', as they were referred to by the locals, often 'dropped off' their pets at the end of the season, and it was quite intense sometimes. I cannot even phanthom doing such a thing ... yee gads!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That looks like the perfect kitty bed :-)

Tammy said...

Love the 'meet the cat of the day' posts! :-) Jingles looks very happy and content. I also have outside and inside cats, and each seem content in their worlds. Two of my girls outside are ten this year (No relation--just two seperate strays that showed up!), so I fix up elaborate warm beds for them in the winter...I even have a microwaveable heated disc that I put in with them on the really cold nights! Does Jangles look like Jingles?

kristi said...

I will get a photo of Jangles this weekend, he is a tuxedo cat!