Monday, September 29, 2008

A Spooky Story about Simon

After such a long, trying, & sad weekend I am trying to be uplifting & think of happier things. So if you have a moment I would like to tell you a spooky story about my cat Simon who almost wasn't...............

Long ago about 7 ish years ago when I was working at the vet., I had gone into work, I believe it was around this time of year, and my first routine was to clean up in the kennels & check on all the animals who were sick or had had surgery that day. I did my quick routine of just checking the kennels and when I came to the last corner cage there was this black little kitten just sitting in the cage, no more than 10 weeks old. There was no tag indicating why the kitten was there so I opened up the door & I believe that little kitten made one jump right into my arms but not before I noticed he was dragging his right front leg. I walked out front to inquire his status all the while holding him in my arms. I was informed he was brought in by an older farmer who believed he had fallen out of a loft resulting in very serious nerve damage to the right front leg. He, the farmer, paid the fee to have the kitten euthanized & the vets just had not gotten around to doing it yet. Well, by this time the kitten was purring in my arms so I carried him around while I did kennel chores, not taking the chance that anything was going to happen to him if I put him back in the cage. So he stayed in the front office with me during office hours & after the vet closed I inquired what could be done with him. Of course, the whole office staff knew my patheticness when it came to animals & they just shook their heads at me.

After a few weeks of steriod attempts & the little black kitten adjusting to life at my house, the decision was made to amputate the leg up to the shoulder. The vet. who performed the surgery is the same wonderful vet who helped me with Autumn. There were many weeks of taking care of the surgicial site but it was a successful operation.
This is my beautiful Simon, a photo taken yesterday, 7 ish years later. Simon is a wonderful cat and is always the first to find a place right on my lap to take a nap. He enjoys taking walks around the yard with the dogs & I, but always manages to get me to carry him . Simon, the kitty who almost wasn't, loves to spend time outside with me and today he & I hung out together.
Why, he suggested to add a spooky black cat to the front of the chicken coop for Halloween!

And of course, Simon knows that I love those fall decorations and with Halloween coming up, he and I thought this flag looked just perfect in the yard.
After all that decorating Simon said he needed a nap in his favorite place.
These are those little things that help heal all the sad things that happen in life.


Tammy said...

Simon looks so happy, and loved..and blessed. I think it's a two way street there---with both of you enjoying the benefits. I'm so glad he jumped in your arms that day and you gave him a chance. Thanks for sharing!

Allena said...

Lovely post. In the midst of tearing out my entire kitchen, your blog is refreshing and given me food for thought.

It is amazing what a critter such as this can do. I had a lamb born last spring, 9.5 pounds to my smallest ewe. I did finally get him born, I thought they would both die. I was crying and knowing she wasn't going to make it. But thank God she did.

Then I thought I would have to put the lamb down, his leg was just ruined. But I splinted it with popsicle sticks and vet wrap and he got better. I let him and Mum out and she decided to run him all over the place and it blew out the leg, then I could have just wrung her neck! ah well.

Penned them up and tried again, and, the leg healed. He has a new home with his Mum who never forgave the gory birth experience and didn't like me at all afterwards. Now his leg is good, but he does have a slight limp. You can sometimes salvage a bad situation.

Pamela said...

You are so right about the little things. And when it's all said and done, it is the little things that make the difference. Here's to little things and especially, here's to Simon!

melanie said...

What an awesome flag! I can't decide if I like that or Simon's nap spot better...

Nancy K. said...

I love all of your Fall decorations. Your place is SO adorable! I'm especially fond of the beautiful black cat napping on the step figurine....that dangling front leg is just the perfect touch! ;-)

kristi said...

I loved your post of the cats going to the vet...I just have that special place in my heart for cats!
thank you for visiting & sharing your story. I had to pull 2 lambs this summer & I was sure I was going to dislocate a leg! The frustration, the tears, & the pain sometimes never seem like its worth it but then just one little thing makes the difference:)

Simon sends a one legged hug:)

I won't tell you that I paid $1.99 for the flag & $.99 for the black cat hanging on the chicken coop:)
That is Simon's favorite sunbathing place!

I need to take you to my favorite place to shop, they have this closeout aisle that I find the cutest decorations for like nothing! Thank you for your compliments, see being single allows me to do all that decorating because it just makes me happy:)

Tracey said...

Hi Kristi, and Simon are so lucky to have found each other!! He is quite the decorator too...LOL
I hope you are doing better each day.
To answer your question on my blog, I did go to the University of Florida...only one term though. I was young and It was so big and intimidating to me, so I did not finish there. My mom and step dad both graduated from there. They have been Gator football fans and season ticket holders for as long as I can remember. Believe it or not, up until a couple of years ago I did not even like football! When my son played football in high school I of course went to the games, and so I learned a little about it. Then last year my step dad decided he was not able to go to the games any more (he has had a stroke so he likes to stay home and watch on TV)and my mom asked me to join her....and I am hooked!!
It is lots of fun. We go with a group of people in the motor home and eat and "tailgate", then go to the game.
Are you a football fan?
Take care, Tracey