Monday, September 8, 2008

Sisters & their Newfies

Sometimes sisters do not like to admit that they are more alike than not. Such is the case with my sister Jen & I. There is 7 years between us & to say that we were really, really close growing up might be a tad exaggeration. But that was when we were young & of course now we are real sisters (LOL) and what do real sisters do together?
Well, we buy dogs that we love and we buy big dogs, big dogs like Newfoundlands! Yep, its become family tradition for us. Jen is upholding the tradition now because I am deep in sheep right now but it did start with me. Back in 1991 I bought my first black Newfie Brutus. Then in '93 I bought Zeus, a brown Newfie who I showed on & off, then came Molly, a black Newfie, & then there was Lacey, a Landseer (black & white Newfie). Then Jen got her first Newfie, a beautiful Landseer named Thunder. There is just no kind of love like a Newfoundland love.
But then Jen got married & there was always this underlying question of if the new hubby was going to love Newfies too. Bob was NOT a goober fan at all. To say the least, drool really grossed him out.........but that was then and this is now and Bob is now a Newfie person!!!! Bob & Jen bought a brown Newfie named Sherman & then Bob said Jen babied Sherman too much so then Bob just bought himself a brown puppy and the family tradition is moving forward!
Now before you look at the pics below, please understand that BROWN is an acceptable color for a Newfoundland!
There are judges out there that tend not to understand that concept & there are Newfie breeders who don't get it either BUT we know it to be true cuz
This is Bydand The Chosen One, aka "Sherman". Sherman is 4 pts away from his championship!!! He will be 2 yrs old in November. We are all excited about how well Sherman is doing in the show circuit because he is a brown & black Newfies just always do better in shows. With Sherman is Tim Zeitz, a professional dog handler & groomer. I met Tim & his wife Tracy like 10 yrs ago when I was showing my brown Newfie Zeus. Tim & Tracy have become wonderful friends to both Jen, Bob, & I. Tracy showed my corgis Dixie at the Cardigan Nationals in April & took 3rd in open bitches with her!! Tim & Sherman are becoming an unbeatable team!

And this is the new Newfie puppy!!! AKA brother-in-law Bob's dog. This little guy was flown to Ohio from Bydand Newfoundlands in North Dakota just last weekend. His show name is tentative right now but he is known now as "Leroy". He refused to stand up for his pic......probably due to jet lag:)

Okay, I just had to take a pic of his paws. Now mind you this little guy is just 9 weeks old & weighs 25 #.........Jen & Bob are hoping for a big boy ( I believe Jen said his father was 180#).
I think this little guy is on the right track!

This is my niece Gracie with her big dog Sherman. Gracie is not fond of big dog drool either. But she is young & I am sure it will grow on her and I know she loves Sherman!
Wouldn't Gracie make the cutest junior handler?
Okay, so I have been informed by my sister & brother-in-law that it is my family responsibility to get back into family tradition & get a Newfie. Of course, it has to be a female, preferably brown, but a black Newfie that is brown recessive will be good also. I have to have their approval first before I buy:)
I sure do miss my Newfies.......there is just nothing like living with a big dog!
(P.S. if my mom/dad read these last few sentences I will deny writing it:)


Tracey said...

I have always thought Newfoundlands were such gorgeous and cool dogs!
I have never had one, they probably wouldn't like it here in Fla with all that hair ?!
Thank you so much for sharing the pics of your sisters dogs...they are gorgeous:)
YOur niece is a cutie too :)
I am looking forward to finding out if there is going to be another Newfie in your future :)
Take care, Tracey

Pamela said...

Newfies are great! And the Newfies in the photos are gorgeous! What wonderful dogs.

Oh! I remember when teaching training lessons at the dog club, there was a Newfie owner who said she was having horrid problems with her dog. Couldn't understand as Newfies are sweet as can be. When questioned, she said that the problem was that everytime the kids got into the pool and got to playing and splashing and screaming like kids do, the dog would jump in, grab hold of a kid, and try to pull him out of the pool.

I was like...errrr...DUH.

Pat in TN said...

OMG, the size of that paw!!! Woo hoo!!!

I have heard that Newfies are great dogs too and I love their looks.

Pat in TN said...

I am looking at your pictures, 'biggie-fied', and wondering how much care their coats take ... it looks beautiful and like there is a lot of brushing involved.

Tammy said...

Well, I learned something new today. I didn't realize the Newfies came in brown. They are very beautiful, and I love the new pup. It sounds like you are on the downhill slide to your own new pup! :-) Having a dog this big is a new experience to me! I do enjoy Boone's slick hair though, since I have to brush the collie so much.

The Zifcheck's said...

We do read your blog and in regards to the last line......we don't believe you!!! You always seem to get another furry critter!
Some we know about beforehand others just seem to appear.....That is the reason the vet's office had a sign posted that said "Kristi is not allowed beyond this point!"

Don't forget, we know you best...
Love you,
Mom & Dad

kristi said...

oh no.....they found me! I'll just blame it on my sister. I am 40 yrs old....I can take a stand against mom & dad.....I am their first born...I have rights....well, maybe sometimes I have rights:)

Pat in TN said...

Boy o boy, this could get interesting ....... LOL!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I didn't know Newfies came in brown, but they sure are gorgeous in that color! And that puppy pic (head on dish) is too cute. I'm a one-dog-at-a-time gal, at least when I have other people in the house who also expect attention, so who knows when and what my next dog will be. I sure did love my bulldog....

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Are you familiar with Milehaus Farm ( They raise Shetland Sheep and Newfies, too.

Garrett808 said...

Hey those Newfies came from up by me!! That's awesome! I bet I've handled some of their dogs at the Fargo show this past summer....

I first found Newfie's when i was up in Ely, MN at the International Wolf Center. Well, they were at the resort we were staying at...not the wolf center. They had a chocolate one, and a black and white this day I've only seen black ones in the show ring. Thank you for proving me wrong! :)

will i see you at the National in Kansas in April???