Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ram Jammin' Good News

Sheep life at Harvest Thyme has been a little stressful the last 2 weeks. First Jammer had the whole horn incident & second I have not sold any lambs. I know I have not really pushed it other than posting it here & the lambs are just hitting the 3 mos old mark due to the late breeding season here. So now perhaps a more serious evaluation can take place & maybe a sale will come about.
I posted my Jammer dilemma on the Shetland group site & Carol Bator (thank you) & Juliann at Little Country Acres gave me a lot of insight/facts on the horn/scur issues. I sent Juliann pics of the 3 rams that Jedidiah produced this summer (the 4th ram lamb is all black & has NO scurs at all, I was able to figure that one out by myself:)
This afternoon when I checked my email, good news arrived from Juliann!
This is my Little Country Acres Jedidiah!!! I love him! He is such a nice ram, loves a good chest rub, walks right along side of me, & he is worth every dollar I gave Juliann! And he produced some very flashy lambs!
Did I mention Juliann said HE IS A FULLY POLLED RAM??!!
I am NOT a wool expert at all but I thought I should show his fleece, I think it has a nice crimp in it esp. for being a ram.......your opinion? Sorry for all the grass clippings, he got in the way when I was throwing fresh grass for everyone to eat:) I need to order those sheep covers!

Okay, now this is Jed.'s son who is just the flashiest ram lamb I have ever seen (okay so I am being partial)! I am in love with his face! He is 3 mos old this month & has about 1/2 inch scurs. Does he not have the most beautiful facial markings?
Let me introduce Josiah!!!!

Side view..............

and the rear view below.
He is really coming together nicely & know that I know he is scurred, I feel that much more confident in him!!

And of course this is my Jammer.....I love this photo of him getting caught in the act. His horn bud still bleeds a bit but otherwise all is better knowing he is scurred & what I will have to do to maintain the scurs.

This is Jed.'s black ram lamb. He has NO scurs & he is VERY NICE!! He is still for sale at $50!!!
This is the black smirslet ram lamb below. He has longer scurs . I am not quite taken by his overall presentation & will most likely just wether him. If you are interested in him, I can get better pictures. I think he would make a nice fiber pet.

So, there you have it..... Jedidiah's ram lambs! I feel better having gotten Juliann's support & feedback & if I don't sell any, I just have to move on, knowing that I am in the right direction of building a flock of Shetland sheep with polled lines. Of course, I will be having to feed them this winter, but hey, what else does an inspiring, single, female, hobby farmer/shepherdess have to do with herself besides think of more things to do with all of her "spare" time & money?


Nancy K. said...

Congratulations! If you're planning on breeding for polled boys, you've hooked up with the right breeder. Juliann has put so much time and energy into developing a quality line of polled stock ~ and their fleece is exquisite! You're Josiah is awesome! I personally, prefer horns but who wouldn't love those markings?!!!

Someday, I hope to get fleeces as nice on my HST stock as the polled guys tend to have. Always a work in progress...

Garrett808 said...

Hey I have the FULL BROTHER to your spotted gulmoget full poll ram! He's from this year.....and is a moorit i'm hoping he's a full poll also, AND carries spots!! I want flashy polled babies too darn it! LOL

Tracey said...

Love the pictures, Kristi...can I just say Josiah has such a cute bum, and the rest of him is really cute too!!
I have to say Jammer is my favorite!!!! Can I be president of the Jammer fan club??
Have a great week!
Tracey :)

Kara said...

Oh Kristi,

Josiah is way too cute!!!! If you winter him or have another one like him this spring, you and I might have to have a serious talk next year. Jedidiah is awesome, you should have more great lambs next year. Congrats and good luck on your marketing.

Pamela said...

Yes! Congrats! The images are so pretty.

Can you maybe share some of your knowledge about caring for scurs? I have a ewe with scurs and am living in dread of them breaking off and her losing too much blood or getting an infection or any of the myriad of things I've imagined can happen.

kristi said...

I always appreciate your words of encouragement & Juliann has just been so informative & supportive with me. And yes, all of this is such a work in progress:)

I wish you the best in having that full brother to mine & that you get flashy polled babies too! I just feel so much more confident now & I am already getting excited about next year! I will definitely be doing a few repeat breedings! Congratulations on the new puppy, but so much more grooming!

I know that butt is just too cute! So did you get too see Palin? It sounded like it was a mad house where your son works! I wonder if she will make it to Cleveland?

I would love for you to keep me in mind for next year. I am definitely repeating the breeding that produced Josiah. He is a twin to a moorit,sokket ewe that has a beautiful white blaze on her face!

well this scur stuff is new for me but I have been keep Jammer's clean with a basic vet. solution & using a Med/Styptic powder to help with the bleeding when it occurs
(though if you ever need to stop bleeding quick on a nail(like a dog nail) or horn, flour or cornstarch) works very well in a pinch. Use a Fly Strike too if the season warrants it too.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Okay, trying hard not to be jealous over your FULL-polled, FLASH-producing, GULMOGET ram! I think you've hit the poll genetics jackpot, girl! I located a full-poll (probably), blaze-faced katmoget ram that I want so bad I could taste it, but my DH is being practical and says no more sheep. :-( It is comforting to know that more and more breeders are focusing on polled genetics, so eventually, when I NEED a new ram, I should be able to find one. Right now I'm struggling with whether or not to sell off my favorite ewe who happens to carry horn genetics so I can buy a half-poll gulmoget ewe. It's a tough decision....

ae1501 said...

okay, I have no clue about polled/gulmoget/scurs, but I do rather enjoy the photos. This seems waaaaay more fun than chasing fighting 13/14 year olds! ;)

kristi said...

Yes, you finally came to visit me! You get a free dozen of fresh farm eggs! I got to the fight too late, darn! I love those girl fights when hair gets pulled & they cry! But have faith, because one of those caring 13 yr olds who was watching the fight recorded it on her cell phone! And since you visited me, Jammer will stop by your classroom first when he comes to school for show-n-tell:)

kristi said...
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kristi said...

I was so excited after Juliann's email I just had to post my excitement! I am too having a horned vs. polled issue. I have a horned ram, Windswept Yankee, a mioget yuglet that I paid really good money for. I want to breed him to my mioget ewe & spotted yuglet ewe because I think the spot could be awesome but both those ewes produced ewes from Jed. & they actually could be bred to Josiah......this is way too much thinking :)

kristi said...

okay I wrote Tammy's name thinking I was writing your name....brain fart. Thats what I get for typing and talking on the cell phone at the same time!!