Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet my LaManchas!

I am multi-tasking right now.....I am a multi-tasker......I can't get through a single day without multi-tasking. So, of course are you wondering what I am multi-tasking at? You have to promise not to laugh but I am going to tell you a little secret about me.......I am a die-heart 90210 fan. Seriously, I watched it religiously when it was on back in the 90's, I even catch the reruns on soapnet AND the new 90210 series started tonight!
So, I am watching that & thinking about my breeding plans for Fall......should I breed? if so, who? if so, why? Do I have a plan & a reason for that particular breeding? Good questions that should be answered before I make a firm decision. So with that in mind, I do not think I have introduced the other ruminants at Harvest Thyme........that would be my know those goats that don't have ears.
I started with Nigerian Dwarfs but then was taken by the LaManchas & in all honesty, I love their personality. They are such well-natured animals, very friendly, & too smart. They can create mess because they are so nosy. Mine are always right in my face about everything & they know how to open every cabinet, bin etc. in my barn! Let me introduce you to my girls.

This is Celtic-Knot Liberty. This pic was taken this past April just after Libby had a doe & buck. That's her little doe with her. Libby is my first LaMancha & is too smart for her own good.
This is Harvest Thyme Sweet Pea......Libby's doe now. She gets "special" privilege because she is a favorite:)

And this is Celtic-Knot Peppermint Patty, aka Patty. Patty is a mellow goat but she doesn't think twice about head butting the sheep when it comes to food.

And this is Mooshie. Mooshie is my creation as my ex-husband says. I made her into what she is.......and that is the most nosiest, in your face, trouble finding my ex implying something about my character? Mooshie is known for having her head under the fence or gate looking for greener grass. She has been known to have a grain bucket stuck on her head & the best one was one morning when I was freaking out because I could not find her. I swear she had slipped out & walked off the property but no, she was standing in Johnny's stall with Johnny. Not a clue on how she got in there & I can't believe Johnny didn't kick the crap out of her.

Now, they are like best friends.
Now, I'm thinking about goat milk, goat soap & lotion, oh, & that goat fudge is to die for.
After all I did buy that Amish made milking stand..........


Tracey said...

Well, thank you for introducing us to the LaManchas! I had no idea there were goats with no I have a lot to learn :)
They are so cute!
I was a 90210 fan back in the day too, but I have not watched the new one. I can't seem to get off this computer, and I am not a good multi-tasker. LOL

Pat in TN said...

I really enjoyed my goats when I had them, and what personalities they had! I made so much from the milk, as I milked several. Yogurt, cheeses, etc, but never got into the soap/lotion ... that sounds interesting though.

Pamela said...

Really interesting. And isn't it odd how the horse and goat became friends? Always amazes me how animals pick their friends.

Looks like you are going to be putting that milking stool to good use, too!

Tammy said...

I think that one of my friend's/shetland sheep breeder goats is a LaMancha. The no ears really takes some getting used to! Isn't it funny how we can make 'monsters' out of some of those friendly beasts? :-) Can you show a picture of your milk stand? I've been thinkig about building a stand for the sheep and am looking for ideas. That would be SUPER on the seeds! I can send a SASE if you'd like for you to send them in. I would love to get that started in my yard. --Oh, and remember how some of the famous racehorses always had a goat buddy? So maybe it's just a 'thing' between horses and goats.

kristi said...

I will get a pic up this weekend. I have a Teaching American History seminar at Cleveland's PBS station on Saturday. Don't worry out sending an envelope:)

Christy said...

Cool looking goats. I'm looking for a smaller goat that I can milk that isn't too hard to control.